Eva Marcille @ Hazel E's Party In LA: Do We Love The Bangs?

20 Responses:

OMG. She's deconstructing herself.

Not feeling the bangs, nor the MC Hammer pants (love the heels though).

She sorta looks... evil...

I love Eva..but I don't love the bangs...it doesn't do anything for her...

Uuuummm...no! Hair shape looks odd and the outfit is not her. I prefer the old Eva. Short curls and glamorous look is more her speed.

LOL! I swear her weave game is the worse right now in hollywood. The issue with her hair is the fact that it's too thin and short to hold in a good weave. She's a pretty girl but she doesn't have a good sense of style, it's always a mess. She looks great with short hair, or she should stick to wigs and lace fronts.

Heck NAW!!!!
The hair is awful and it has nothing to do with the bangs....

lmfao @ the comments! I would like the bangs if the hair wasnt so bulky at the top, wuts up with that? Kinda looks like horns are trying to sprout from her head. The pants have got to go. If she woulda consulted someone before buying the pants and letting her hairstylist give her horns, she woulda been fine.

Im not feeling the long hair or bangs on her at all.

This is terrible, her head looks like sponge bob square pants and the outfit is tragic. Normally I love her but she looks awful here

No likey..her hair looks weird!


The hair is to "boxy"! Eva is a beautiful woman - I don't understand the "change." I'm not feeling the pants either. What is that on her toes, electric nail polish?

She is so beautiful but this whole half way poofy weave is not working for her small face and features. Why did she stop the short hair look? Then again we all need to switch it up but the hair and outfit...nah man LOL

sorry eva, two thumbs down

I actually like the pants, jacket, accessories - not the cutoff top. And the hair, well I think we've covered that.. :-/

Why does she look she's wearing a weave version of Mickey Mouse ears?

Eww..she look like she got that wig for $19.99 at Miz Wang Lu's house of Hair. LOL..Burn this one, Eva!

do we love it??? NOT AT ALL!!

She is too beautiful to start looking like a Bratz doll.
The shape of the wig or weave is all off and it draws attention to her eyes, makes them look a little too close set.

This Time Now

I like the cut, they need to work on that volume however it looks weird as others have stated already.

OMG She has totally covered her beauty with a load of uncollaborative trends. Tsk tsk

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