The Eyebrow Overlay Trend

Hot mess!
15 Responses:

I love it... on Indian women as an adornment...

Not really feeling it on sista gurl though. Perhaps it could work for some people.

Not even comment worthy!

no ma'am. this is just plain ridiculous.

How ghetto can it get for real people. The busted lace front, the chest tats, the wife beater, and those crazy eye brows. Are black women turning into inflameable plastic dolls. She looks a hot mess! This is some crap you see in the west End or five points station in the ATL. All those women need to get a clue!

But that hairline, though....

Uh-no boo boo.

LOL @ "Celebrity status"

Wow1 Thats is one HOT MESS! That hairline and them eyebrows...
***rolls her eyes***

ha! not cute at all...neither is her hair.

I can't.
I just can't.

Pray for her, she has lost her way, she looks just horrible.

but she really must be joking!

She rockin that ish! wow! I really didn't have anywords at first but whateva floats ya boat bay-bay!!

Can't even say it's horrible, her lace front and eyebrows match, that's more that I can say for some of these chicks! LOL!


*straight face* there is nothing more to say...

i made the mistake of watching the related videos. horrific.


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