Hairstyle Dysfunction: Which One Suits You Best?

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Thinking back to yesterday's post on Halle Berry, it made me think about the importance of knowing your strengths-in term of hairstyle. This can really be a deal breaker for your beauty if you are rocking the wrong hair do. Like rocking short hair when you really should have longer hair. Longer hair when it really should be short. Or blonde hair when you know it should be black, etc.

Over the years, we have seen many of celebrities fall victim to hairstyle trends and have watched some of them recover with the help of the right stylists. But then I had to ask myself, "Am I too a victim of hairstyle dysfunction?" Unfortunately, I don't have a professional stylist to tell me what cuts looks best on my face; what color will make my curls pop; or whether I should be curly after all.

Sure, there are sites where you can try on different styles. But really--have you tried those things? If not don't waste your time, the results can be outright hideous, if not offensive. So what's a girl to do? Well, there are a couple of options before you go run out an chop all of your hair off or spend hundreds adding weave, etc.

To start, look back at old pictures. What style(s) were you rocking on your favorite picture? I did this recently and I think I like my hair when it's black and short. I think I look my best with dark hair-and short hair makes my facial features pop. Am I going back? hmmm, we'll see. Also consider elements such as weight gain, weight loss, aging, etc. Did you know that older women look better with shorter hair? Ever noticed that many older actresses have bob length or shorter hair?

Another option would be to sample a short style by getting a short wig or have someone (who knows what they are doing) design a wig cap for you. No, not one like the MoHulk video, lol. These can really look nice if done professionally. This is also a good way to sample color too before taking the plunge.

Also enlist the opinions of your close friends or family members. Most of the time, they are not going to voluntarily tell you that you look a better with shorter hair or longer hair. But if you ask the right people, they will tell you. However, I caution you not to take the advice of hecklers (those are the people who are quick to offer unsolicited advice).

But as you can see in the recent examples of Keyshia Cole, Halle Berry, even Eva Marcille-the hair can really make a difference.

When do you look your best? Short hair, long hair, etc. Please share.
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Im blessed to have an oval shape face with a good balance of forehead and chin space. lol. I hate to say it but a lot of ovals like to think that ALL ovals are created equal and can work any hairstyle and it just ain't so! But i've had a really short cut, a rihannaesque angled cut, long curly weaves, and now i'm wearing my own hair straight and almost bra strap length. With each style people tell me it fits me.So either they're all lying to me or i can pull them all off! lol. My personal fave is either how im wearing it now and my angled bob.

It's crossed my mind a lot lately, whether my hair fits my face, especially now since I'm going through a social and mental change in a way (I just graduated). I've been seeing a lot of short straight styles that I think would look fantastic on me, but perming my hair is frightening me out of it.

I think short hair suits me more. Though sometimes I get bored and let it grow out. A few trusting professionals in hair care have told me so and a few loved ones. I'm one of the few I know that when I have a dramatic hair cut people almost don't recognise me until I come a bit closer. My aunt thinks it makes me look like a girl and encourages me to wear a bit of makeup to be taken seriously in the workplace. Others feel it's more "chic." I'm still trying to find my hair peace.

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