Halle's Going Back To Her Roots: Do We Love This?

Looks like the old Halle has sprung. I can see it now, there is going to be a wave of chics running to the salon this weekend-snip, snip, snip. What do you ladies think? Do we love this?

19 Responses:

I love it!!!
Funny thing is that my teenager saw the new hair cut and she loved it. I told her that Halle used to wear her hair like that a while ago and my daughter couldn't believe it. All my daughter has seen from the celebrities is weave weave weave!!!!!

I've always said that Halle looks best with short hair. When I seen this I started clapping, lol.

Hopefully Nia and Jada will follow suit:-)

love it! it's a lot softer than her 90s halle cut. halle could dye her hair green and stick rock it...

LOVE IT..I have always loved Halle's hair short..back in the day..lol...90's..I cut my hair just like that and rocked it for a while when I was relaxed..I saw this and I am inspired to cut my shoulder length natural hair just like this again...

I like the hair cut..I know it was inspired from her new movie nappily ever after where she plays a cancer patient..I think I would like to see the movie.

I love the cut too. Sometimes I think also it's just good to let your 'real' hair breathe, especially if you rock wigs and weaves and whatnot. This look is so classic to Halle and it fits her so well. :)

I think short hair suit hair the best. I wasn't feelin' that long wavy hair look!

Hallelujah! I was praying she would take that weave out...that weave made her look like every other actress in Hollywood, her hair being short in the 90's is what made her stand out in the first place...WELCOME BACK HALLE!


awesome!!!! It's about time she went back short

Thumbs up! Halle is as a new mommy (and we know how busy that can be). The short do is perfect!

I love it, and I def. sported her look back in the 90's.

Love it, Love, About time

oh yea!!! she's the reason i cut my hair in the 90s! love it love it LOVE IT!

LOVING IT!!!! She's been wasting time with all those other hairstyles.

This is her signature look and it is perfect on her. It makes her face, smile, everything pop.

I think she did it for a movie, or she's trying to steal some of riri's spotlight..lol
love halle. she's always gorgeous.

I did this style back in the day too, and got lots of great feedback. My son has been on me to cut or shave it short as this is how he loves my hair. I am loving my natural hair too much right now to do that, my hair is now about 4".

YEAH!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I commended Halle for doing something different few years back but I'VE ALWAYS FELT she was a short-hair kind of gal. It's because of the frame of her face. Like me I'm quick with the scissors but I rebel sometimes and let it grow out but then the curls go out of control and no definition. Some folks don't like it when I go low (i.e. my Dad and a few guys) but a cousin of mine seemed to think my features come out more with short hair.

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