Kesh's New Do

I was checking out Kesh's blog the other day when I ran across this photos of her new hair cut. As you know, Kesh is definitely an inspiration in the curly community and on of our favorite curlies on UC. So, what do y'all think about the new cut? Would you rock a cut like this?
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LOVE it, but probably wouldn't rock it.

I LOVE her hair! I was feelin' it when she had one side of her head shaved. She definitely has her own style that she rocks well.

No, the style would rock me lol. But it looks awesome on Kesh!

So dope!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes a real confident person to take a risk and even rock a short hair do but one that looks like art like this one does looks so fabulous on her. At first glance i even thought it was Keysha Cole.

I love it. I don't follow her, but I'm used to seeing her with weaves (when I do see her). Her textured hair is fabulous! I wouldn't cut my hair like that; but she works it

I love it. I'm new to her blog, so when I first went, I thought it was K. Cole...I know, I'm slow.


Her style is hot.

Kesh is the most low maintenance person ever. I would not be surprised if she said she doesn't own hair products. So I highly doubt you've ever seen her with a weave. You probably saw a look-a-like.

Anywhoooo, I don't think I could ever rock her hairstyles. I'm not that funky, lol. But she always looks awesome!

i luv her new cut! she's actually about to loc it tho.

omg this is so bizarre because i was thinking about getting a hair cut (my ends were so ratty i felt like just switching everything up) and this was exactly what i had in my head! i think it's absolutely fab, although i'd probably leave more in the back and just have the sides short.

Hotness but i'm not into the buzz styles for me but she mos def does rock it!

her hair fits her really well. its cute :D

i sure would rock it, i'm actually getting my sister to cut my afro just like that tonight!
rock on Kesh!

really cute. she always looks great.

that cut is edgy, Kesh always knows how to make heads turn!

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