Li'l Kim's Download

Li'l Kim got the boot on DWTS last night and I almost cried because she was actually-awesome! Oh well, but just in time her new song, "Download" has hit the blogs and it's actually good too. Do I hear a comeback for Kimmie? What do you think?
4 Responses:

i love it because its true, thats what the world has become these days. but isnt Lil Kim looking really plastic, what's that about?

oooh me like!! and i love some charlie wilson!! he can do magic!!! lol. Anyway, Go Kim!! And i so agree with neema divine!!

I don't like it at all. Its so outdated with that voice box thing. That was hot last year. I like lil kim, BUT she hates everything black (african american)about herself. I just can't get with that! Being a light skinned person, it bothers me that she feels the need and goes to extremes to be light in order to be "pretty" and not be the beautiful brown skin woman GOD made her!

If she made a comeback i would not support her. The last thing we need is a self hating bleacher influencing other brown girls that its okay to do this. But power to the ones that will!

I am very dissappointed in the way she looks so I had to judge her music by looking away from the screen and just listening. So the verdict is that I like the song. Now!, her look is another story. She is doing everything in her power to change her natural appearance rather that accentuate it. I definitely cant support that mess. She gets a zero for that. What ever happened to the old beautiful dark skinned Lil Kim? The KIM we all loved?

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