Pooch Hall and Hosea Chanchez @ The 40/40 Club

Did you ask why I added this photo? The model's hair is fabulous...
6 Responses:

yes!!! omg i wish my fros could be so round!

yes! is it bad that even though i love pooch and hosea my eyes kept drifting to the left side of this photo the first time i saw it? lol.

@ Beautiful Ditto-that's why I posted it. My eyes went straight to her hair as if nothing else in that picture existed. That's what I call fierceness. LOL

Her hair is fab...is it bad that I dont even look at straight styles anymore? I'm obsessed with the curls.

That hair is so beautiful!!! I want hair like that too!

Her hair is fabulous! What beautiful, natural curls! Thanks for posting this and proving that natural volume is gorgeous!

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