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So I am the first to admit that I have some form or another of ADD, so I don't have a lot of tolerance for long stories or videos. Hence the short posts...but anyway, I ran across this video on Youtube the other day and honestly, I almost stopped it after like 10 seconds. But for some reason, I decided to listen and I glad that I did. The young lady in the video, some of you may or may not know, but her name is Shima and she is the creator of Shima Oil.

Shima is relaxed but as you can tell from the video is an advocate for healthy hair. Her video had some very good tips on maintaining healthy hair-many that I preach here.

At the end of the video I saw that she has a site so I visited it. Well see for yourself. Amazing!

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I don't know, she does have good tips but she is quite forceful in this video. I guess because she is addressing people saying her hair isn't real but nothing endears me to her.

Yeah, I'm not feeling Shima either. I couldn't get past the initial "just do this right quick". Also, what's in Shima Oil??? Hmmmm...

I'm gonna pass for now. If anyone else tries Shima Oil, I'd love to read feedback.

BTW, the oil cleansing method that you featured last month has saved my skin! I sent all of my Proactiv back to the manufacturer and now have smooth skin reminiscent of my teenage years, and fewer breakouts! Plus, I love that the products are 100% natural and organic. Thanks UC~

Ok I have to take back my initial comment. I checked out her site and she does actually sound rather nice in her other videos. Her full name is Hiroshima and her brother's name is Nagasaki, I am fascinated by the choice. I also looked up her Shima oil and it pretty is a 'natural' oil mix with some aloe vera so it may not be that bad. I guess I just didn't like this video.

@JC, I know what you mean. Initially, I was turned off by the tone of the video, but still impressed by her hair. So I guess that is what kept my attention. It seems like she was just frustrated with negative people. However, it wasn't until the end of the video that I noticed her website and looked at her before and after pictures that I was really impressed.

Ingredients include:

Ginseng Extract
Soybean Oil
Almond Oil
Coconut Oil
Rosemary Oil
Aloe Vera
Jojoba Oil

Oh and @ Shadrieka,
I'm glad the OCM is working for you. It's working my co-worker and I too. Between that and the detoxing my skin is glowing like a fluorescent light bulb. LOL

HA! I almost stopped listening after 10 seconds too, LOL. I think she's really passionate about hair care, and that's cool with me :)

LOL I have heard so much about Shima. On LHCF she is hated because she stole pics of people and said that they used her oil to grow their hair. Its hilarious just check it out it is hilarious.I think that she is just trying to make a dollar anyway possible even at the expense of other ppl.

@ Anonymous,

Are you serious? I almost feel out when I saw this comment. Womp. Womp.

I've visited Shima's website and utube videos and I know all about her LHCF drama. I also know that she APOLOGIZED. Yeah, it was wrong what she did but she apologized so I personally forgive her. She is a woman of color doing her thing and I say we let bygones be bygones. I think it's UNFAIR that the LHCF ladies are still Hating on this girl. Her Shima Oil is helping me grow my hair as well as her other hair tips so keep it moving ladies and let her do her thing.

@ Urbancurlz,

Have you watched all of her videos? This one was rather mild to me in comparison to some of the others she's done.

I'd like to say her hair is gorgeous and her advice does make sense, but I think people would take her more seriously if she was a bit more professional with her approach. Not sure I would be buying anyone's oil if they're yelling at me through the computer screen. Besides, she's SOOO against weaves, which I think is a bit extreme. There's nothing wrong with them... but apparently, she thinks otherwise...

Hi UrbanCurlz. If you listen to her weaves video REALLY carefully, you will never hear her say "I Hate Weaves". I think what Shima is trying to say is that too many black women are ADDICTED to weaves and therefore NEGLECT their own true hair. (Which is True because I've seen it with my own eyes) In her DVD she even wears "Fake Hair" to add fullness to her French Twists. I just don't see why so much Hatred. It has been more than a whole year since the LHCF thing. She didn't "kill" nobody, she's just helping Black women (and even other races)that need help growing out their hair. Check out her Testimonials page. She's NOT a fraud. Those are REAL people She's Really helping!!

Also, I have seen her other videos and yes she is "forceful" in some of them but I see beyond that and she is simply trying to get other wise mis-educated black women about their hair to LISTEN!!

She has some good information but her voice just annoying!!!

She does have a 'rough' way of speaking, but she does make sense especially about the weaves. Her hair is very pretty.

I love this chick, but just to ket people know that hiar rowth is also genetic. Your hair grows an averag eof 6 inchs a year and sometimes a little more. Black womens hair tend to stay short because of our ends, and that's why my hair stays braided up half of the year to promote growth. I don't need her hair oil to help my grow long because I have my own routine that works very well thank you. Many sistahs on youtube attacked her when she told them the truth about weaves, It seems black women are just in denial of wearing too much weave. I once told a sistah that I didn't need a weave and she got upset because she wore them her whole life. She thought that my hair was a weave when I had flat ironed it, and I basically let her know that not all black women need a weave to feel complete.

Shima is a fake and a fraud. I can't believe women are stupid enough to buy her hair oil. No ones hair grows 10 inches in a year. I know of the lady named Teri Laflesh, who is biracial and has waist length hair, but it took her almost 10 years to acheive the length that she has now.

To comment above me: Well, thank God I was one of those women "Stupid enough" to buy Shima's oil because thanks to her my chin-length hair is now almost shoulder-length today. I have been on it for a month and yes, my hair did grow almost One full inch (with her Protective Styles). The 1/2 an inch per month is just an "AVERAGE" sister. Stop listening to those LHCF stubborn women who can't let go of a grudge or don't know how to forgive and forget another one of their own. Thank God I have a mind of my own and gave this wonderful lady the benefit of the doubt and bought her oil. My hair has NEVER grown so long sooo fast and looked soooo GOOD. PEACE!

Its alot of multiracial black women that have long pretty thick hair like that. Ive seen alot of them. I think its all hers and its possible through genetics. Look at this mixed girl here shes part hawaiian and black to my knowledge and her hair is thick and long like that too. I believe its more through genetics than a product helping your hair to grow like that though.

That video had me cracking up!!!

For those of you who don't know, Shima is so hated because she basically plaigarised the innovator of protective styling, whose name is Wanakee Pugh. Wanakee is a beautiful black woman who used to model and was an advocate for what is now called "The Verifen Complex" hair care system. It used to be "Wanakee's constant care for the ends", "Wanakee's Beneficial phase shampoo", etc. Now that Beverly Johnson bought it, and Wanakee is out doing other things, like art(which is beautiful) it's "Beverly Johnson's Constant care"...etc, etc...I never once used the products but substituted my own products and now my hair is waistlength. Noone is hating on Shima for helping black women grow their hair to longer lengths, people are hating on her for not giving credit where credit is due AND making a profit at the expense of others. Now this has been done for centuries, stolen ideas, stolen inventions, etc. For those of us who have been on this hair care thang for awhile out here on the internet, Shima's so called "system" is nothing more than stolen information from Wanakee. The proof is in the pudding. Here is Wanakee's original link:

and here is the site now:

but if you type in, it will still lead you to the site. It's all recycled information. True, Wanakee didn't put a patent on the phrase "protective styling" but she was in the innovator, I'm sorry. Another reason that triggered me concluding that Shima stole Wanakee's information and now calls it "her system" of protective styling, is the radio interview on her youtube video. You know how you hear something and you are like "I've heard that before..." or "Deja Vu..."?...Well Shima says on THIS video, the following: "Air dries the paint on your house..." at about 7:40. She starts stuttering because she doesn't even explain right like Wanakee did. She switched it up so it wouldn't sound exactly the same, but we all know better.

The two most VITAL pieces of information that I found to help my hair grow to greater lengths was not a product but Wanakee's practical and emotional guides to hair. They are PRICELESS and free.
Check out Wanakee's practical guide under "The main reason for dry hair", paragraph two...What does she write?"...Air cracks your house paint..."

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Shima says she just all of a sudden put her hair up in a bun one day and took it down and her ends weren't dry. Call me crazy, but you don't just get an "epiphany" like that. The fact remains that Shima did what she did on LHCF and also her information is an exact replica of Wanakee. THAT'S why Shima is hated on. I hope this shed some light on the subject. :)

Another coincidence in that interview was when she says, "Why do we wear chapstick?" Well guess what Wanakee says in that same guessed it, "(Air)it chaps your lips..."...once again, coincidence? I think not. :) The problem is Shima didn't learn what plaigarism means. You can get in trouble for stuff like that.

Thanks for the enlightenment. It's very impeortant to give credit where credit is due.

Ladies, thanks for paying attention to what's important. I poured everything I had into getting free information to you. The idea was to share with you, not to profit from you. When my hair began to grow long and gloriously healthy, that was profit enough for me. It didn't seem right not to share it with you too.

If you were my sisters and lived in my home, I would've made sure that your hair was in tip top shape. Ok, so you didn't grow up in my home, but sisterhood is still what we're supposed to have, right? That's why I worked so hard, and I'm sure my reward will come back to me in ways that are important to me.

Thank you for being loyal and true to my hard work; it makes it all worthwhile.

Wanakee Pugh (yes, . . . for real)

I tried her oil for over 3 months now. And was very excited to have recieved my very first bottle. I applied the oil as she suggested on her video and instructions on the bottle. Strangely, I notice that with this oil, yeah it smells good and all, and feels slick to the touch, but when I apply it to my own hair and protect my ends as suggested, I noticed that when i take my hair down to see the condition of the ends with the oil, my hair was VERY DRY at the ends and look like the ends were breaking off even more?

I wonder if her mixture is some type of vegetable oil as well? I never had an hair oil that made my hair feel dry and somewhat brittle at the ends? I have not used the entire bottle and have trashed it. I am not impressed with the oil at all, and in the back of her label, there is no ingredients listed? This may not be the same results others may be experiencing, but with my hair (medium/fine texture), it dried the ends out something horrible!

And for the note on hair growth, the oil alone will not grow your hair, it is suppose to protect your ends only…but not even the protection of my ends with this oil even helped? I trashed the Shima oil and went back to what I used before which REALLY kept my ends smooth and soft….I just was not crazy about the smell of my old hair oil regimen. But hey at least that did work! Sorry Shima, It’s a NO GO for me.

anonymous... I believe you because I was just over @ Youtube about to make a two part post about what I just learned and woudn't you know I was able to post the first half and right when I was about to post the second half which included a link to this site I kept getting an "error try again" signal... but it's all good because God DEFINITELY don't like ugly.

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