Tip of The Day: Camouflage Loosened Curl Patterns

Shame on me! I've straightened my hair about 4 times in the last year. And as we all know-(repeat after me) "Straightening can be a curl pattern's ENEMY". As a result, I was left with one or two pieces of loose curls that are more difficult to blend. So for many months, I've tucked it behind my ear-even contemplated cutting this area off.

But just the other day, I decided not to put any heavy product on it and ah ha!!! It curled up and blended perfectly with the rest my hair. The regular products that I used to set the curl pattern in the rest of my hair was far too heavy for the looser pieces and only weighed it down more.

So if you suffer from stretched or mix matched curl patterns, try skipping the heavy products in those areas with looser curls. Opt for a light moisturizer like a conditioner leave-in or no product at all. Good Luck!

Sidenote: Do I really feel guilty about straightening occasionally? Never, I love the versatility!
6 Responses:

I never feel guilty either ;-)

That's whats so cool about natural...you rock it curly or straight. Loves it!!!

I agree u should not feel guilty! do you and just know how to get it back to good health :D

That's a great tip. Part of my hair is looser than the rest - just because - and I'm always trying to get it to curl and shrink up more like the rest all while putting the same type and amount of product all over.

I've heard of other naturals saying that heat straightening permanently loosened their curls too. I want to straighten to trim but I'm scared!

I had a few loose areas as a result of too much straightening too.. I cut it off and keps it moving =)

ah the trials and tribulations of natural hair lol..

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