Today On Tyra: Good Hair Vs. Well...You know

Following on the coat tail of Oprah, talk show host Tyra Banks is going to tackle the long debatable "GOOD HAIR" topic on today's show.

When I heard about the topic I was actually excited. I thought, "finally, someone is actually bold enough to go there". So I watched the preview of the show....Well, I let you be the critic!

I'm not going to be overly critical at this point based on the preview. Plus we are all guilty of falling into the "Good Hair" mentality at one point or another. But my only question is where do they find these women? "White girl flow?" Still shaking my head.

Anyway, the show airs in many states at 1 pm. So set your Tivo's. I'm sure this is going to be interesting.

So ladies, tell me-what are your thoughts on "good hair?"
19 Responses:

The issue that I have with Tyra addressing these closeted topics is she just does not know how to address them. For example, when she has done shows in the past on the perception of skin complexion within the black diaspora; throughout the entire show she kept saying how skin color doesn't/shouldn't matter, yet she kept announcing that she is “caramel” skinned. It was just confusing, her telling black women/men not to divide ourselves based on skin complexion, but her making a point of classifying herself as “caramel” (i.e. the aristocracy of black society). I no longer watch the Tyra show, especially when she tries to address black politics. Now, if Oprah were to do this type of show, I would definitely tune in as I know that Oprah has a value-added point-of-view.

Yeah, I heard about this airing today. Sure, like flogging a dead cow, this topic perpetually comes up. But I find her show to be more to entertain and "call out" individuals, not to actually educate.

In regards to "good hair", wasn't there a lady who said she had a mixed-race child so that she would look better? This reminded me of the child pageantry episode of Dr. Phil, how they were putting makeup on children and giving them tans. One white mother told her daughter, who was a toddler, that she needed a tan because she was "too white". It's no different than relaxing a kid's hair simply for the ease of manageability and acceptability of the child by the public.

As far as Tyra hosting the topic, I would find it hard to be a person who relaxed her hair for many years (which I have not), watching this show and being told by a person who wears 20+ lb weaves and wigs on a regular basis to accept yourself for who you are when Tyra, a modeling industry legend, gets fame for being exactly the opposite. Personally, I wouldn't watch the show to get any actual education, but just to be slightly amused at the public response. I hope there are some other expert guests because I don't think Tyra has much to say, especially after that season of ANTM when she told one of the contestants (can't remember) that she had that "good baby hair".

Apparently she's wearing cornrows in this airing, but I'm still not biting.

Thanks for the post. Speaking of "good hair", any updates on Chris Rock's documentary?

OMG!! I saw the preview and I really really want to see the show but of course, I am at work. Do you know if they will re-air or anything? It is awful to chemically straighten a 3-year old's hair and having a mixed baby just because you do not want to have a kid w/ "nappy" hair.

The thing that bugs me about the white girl flow comment is that you have to be in the state of mind that your hair is suppose to do that for that to matter. I'm more on sweating people's curls or like the lady on the train who had nice full twists because mines grow only but so long.

Now that I'm locing not so much LOL but just using as example.

I'll watch it and it will be painful. What I would love to see Tyra do is have shows exclusive to those who love their hair/face as an answer to these other shows not in a black/white power kind of way:)

I agree with the first poster and I will def. not watch the show

I'm not going to support this tomfoolery either. Tyra is just doing this for ratings. I don't believe for one minute that she is sincere.

I may check out this episode but I do think it's B.S.

good hair and bad hair is deep rooted and something that we need to overcome. however with women constantly judging the next woman or bashing her in regards to what she does to her hair will always happen. rather is its a relaxed hair woman vs. natural..or it definitely can be a natural hair woman vs. relaxed.. women need to stop. The eurocentric mantality needs to stop. why cant it just be what makes YOU happy and accepting people for who they are?? once that happens I dont think there will be any "good hair" escapades.

I support Tyra all the way. She is bringing up a topic that nobody talks about on TV. She also has her cute jailhouse cornrows. She had a boyfriend leave her because she took off her wig/weave. I think this led her to question the perception of beauty because by all accounts, even if she didn't have any hair whatsoever, she would still be cute. I don't question her sincerity one iota!

thank you telling about tyra's topic, because if i would have come across it during my channel surfing, i would've thrown something at the t.v! i am natural, and i don't have what people would call "nice" natural hair..but i know it suits me better than having relaxed hair. there is a difference between unkempt hair and kept-up hair. there are females with or without relaxers who look a hot mess all the time! my problem is the fact that people say there is a such thing as good or bad hair. do what you feel people, if you want to be want to rock the hair you were born it, but don't judge or think less of other people for their choice. i like knowing i can braid,twist,blow out,etc. i also am learning how to take care of it as well.
"white girl flow"...really?? i really hate girls like standards really suck in america, but that's another post.

Not sure why I said face LOL but that should be a show that shows those that love their hair/skin color. Perhaps a heritage show that promotes love for self.

These things do need to be addressed however, being I don't hear this talk anymore it's not something that I even think about. Not naive to think it no longer exists but these shows are good about reminding us what's out there and even some of our own stereotypes we hold to the damage that they cause.

Am I the only one who thinks that Tyra looks wayy better with that blond weave out of her hair?

I can't deal with Tyra. She comes across as fake on every issue. And I hate it when she does the cornrows cause it's so for the ratings and not something she would EVER sport on a day to day basis. Always frontin like she's tryin to make a connection. Last time I remember her wearing the cornrows was the episode where she "went to prison." WTF?! She kills me. She ran right back to that weave for the rest of the weeks line-up. Ughhh. She needs to just rock her weaves instead of trying to front.

*Off Topic* Why is her face so swollen is that pic?

Anyway i watched the show IMO it was good. She shared everyones POV on the subject and let other see the struggles BW go through even if they are unecessary it. But I can understand reversing the affects of being told everything about you is negative can take a while. The saying "good hair" is thrown around alot in the Black community do I believe "curly/wavy" hair is "good hair" but to say all hair is "good hair" is a lie! Your trying to tell me someone with straggely ends has "good hair"? Nope not even I say HEALTHY hair is good hair whether it's relaxed, kinky, or curly.

The only thing I didn't like where people attacking Tyra(hair broads, bloggers, etc) Some had the nerve to say "She's exploiting black issues" yeah she's black and maybe by her making a show about this someone may will actually sit down and think about why they choose their hair practices is it simply becuase they like the way it looks or is it becuase they want to be "socially" excepted. Its funny how people also seem to forget that Tyra did rock her natural hair back in the day but I guess peoples memories get frazzled when facts prove the opposite of what their trying to say.

The picture of her with the cornrows is cute. She looks like a teenager. The bottom of her face looks swollen like she had some dental extractions the day before, though.

I agree with many people about Tyra seeming "fake" cause she talks of these subjects then wears weaves but in her defense she even has admited to having her own issues when it comes to being comfortable without her weaves. SO basically I think that she is addressing a topic that she also struggles with in her own life.

Tyra needed to do a show about self-hate issues in all ethnic backgrounds. For example, my sister asked me why I didn't want a relaxer and I told her that it was healthier for my hair and that I like the way my hair looks. She responded that white women get perms also. She completely missed the mark as many women, of all ethnicities, do everything they can to be accepted by the public. Lots of women in Asia bleach and lighten their skin to please men. Latin women get perms and relaxers and swear on their graves that their hair isn't "nappy", and various countries in Africa have women who bleach their skin to get jobs. While lots of women in the U.S. do this for themselves (Which I strongly support), others do it because the masses do it (not a good reason).

Tyra missed a great opportunity to expand this issue to her entire audience and help women realize that black women aren't the only ones who supposedly have "self-hate" issues. That's why I can understand why some people feel she was exploiting black women. The topic could have been generalized a bit more...JMO

I grew up not loveing my hair because I didn't have wavey curly hair like my mother. My mother was mixed and had beautiful long hair, and I was her kinky brown buttercup. She loved my hair, but I hated the look on peoples faces when they found out I was her daughter. "she doesn't have your hair." they would say with shock. My mother always did her best to let me know that there was nothing wrong with diversity! that's the problem with the black community, we do not celebrate the different tones and textures of black women. We celebrate lightness! it's something that needs to change.

I enjoyed the episode. It really broke my heart to see those little girls getting their hair relaxed. And it really broke my heart to see that one little girl who hated her hair. Parents have really gotta step to the plate. I can't believe that they feel as though they're somehow protecting their child by relaxing their hair *SMH*

Is it me or would Tyra's career be over if she stopped wearing weaves/wigs or using a relaxer?

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