Caption This!

I can only imagine what this natural beauty is saying to Teyana Taylor-who attended Pleasure P's album release party over the weekend. I would probably ask her-Is that a weave you're wearing? What do y'all think is going on in this conversation, better yet, what would you ask Ms. Teyana?

Teyana was rocking a fly twist out with 2 braids on the side. This is a perfect summer look to pair with a tank and jeans.

side view
4 Responses:

I think its hers. SHe did a web chat that I watched and said it was all her hair.

I sooooo would have asked the same thang! I just don't know about her's always fly but there's just something about it! One of these days we must find out the TRUTH!

No its not hers. I mean she bought it, so yes I guess it is hers but it didn't grow from her head.

You can see for yourself on her myspace. Big difference, eh?

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