The Coil Review Re-Launch Commercial


The Coil Review Re Launch from Tricia (T. Mezz) Messeroux on Vimeo.

I got this in my email box yesterday and almost did not click on it. But, I am so glad that I did. Ladies, isn't this the hottest commercial you've seen in a long time. Matter fact, ever? Hot, hot, hot!

For those of you who are not familiar with The Coil Review, it is an online natural hair magazine. Don't forget to check it out July 1...I know I will. Good job Coil Review!

Ladies, what are your thought?

12 Responses:

Freaking LOVES IT!!!!!! FIYAH!!! I may have to borrow this one from you for my newsletter!! HOTTTTTTTTTTT! Thanks for reminding me about the Coil Review. Haven't been over there in awhile. Let me head on over.

haha! very cute and very well-done! i didn't even know about this site, so that was a great way to find out about it =)

I absolutely love this!!
I'm excited!

Hotter than July!!! I loved it!

That is hot. Love it!!!!! Everybody's hair is just bouncing in the wind.

Wow. I'm learning all sorts of things in this process f going natural! Thanks

Ooooh, I can't WAIT! lol. Im super xcited n stuff :) I never comment on here but I love ur blog girl. It's one of my fave natural hair spots. Keep up the great work. I'll have to check out the site. Whatever's goin down July 1st, I wanna witness it. lol

Very great commerical! it was very well thought out! i 100% agree that beauty is now so 1 sided it's really sad. I will be on that site in july! even if i have to pay!

LOL 1st thing I thought when I saw it was Urban Curlz featuring it for some reason:) Just fits and loved it as everyone else has stated.

That was hilarious. Me likey.
I showed it to my 5 yr old daughter twice so she can see other pretty/fierce women with natural hair. She wants to wear her hair out now. I'm going to let her for Pre-k graduation. She's going to rock her hair loud and proud.
I'll definitely check out coil review in July. keep up the good work.

ummmm....I watched that thing over and over....IT'S HAUTE!!!!

Loves it. Now, I'm all giddy to see what's in store for them. Thanks for the intro.

Oh and I checked out a few of their articles...good stuff.

oh, I had to come back to say this....chica from the Tyra show was hating on curly hair because it didn't have the "white girl flow"... Madness, I know but dem girls on dat video had flow, flow, flow and it was waaaaay to hot to handle.....;)

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