Conditioners As Leave-Ins/Styling Products

So, I've been asked more than once about my use of conditioners as a leave in or styling product and what conditioners I recommend.

Here's a quick run down of the benefits of leaving conditioners in:
defined curls
easier detangling
light hold
increased moisture

The down side:
second day hair doesn't exist
itchy scalp if too much is used
can leave dull residue

My recommendations:
Currently I switch back and forth between Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration and Organix Coconut Milk. However, I've been told my many curlies that Herbal Essences Total Twisted is also great. But, really I think you can use most any cheapy conditioner to give you like results.
Any other recommendations/tips ladies?
11 Responses:

Yes Totally Twisted is wonderful and Hello Hydration is also gret. My tangles slip through with TT but they are both really hydrating.

I leave the conditioner in my hair and I love it! My hair is super soft and my curls are super defined. Contrary to what people may think, this method does work on kinkier textures. Just use a thicker conditioner. :)

I have been use Hello Hydration as an leave in recently, but you may have answered my question that I have been trying to figure out. Why my scalp is itcy? I might be using too much... I love that Hello Hydration has great slip, keeps my hair moisturized, frizz free and soft. I use it with a little bit of aloe vera, for extra hold. I have kinky hair and this leave in works fine. Now I need to figure out how to combat the itchy scalp.

I've found that Pantene's Relaxed & Natural conditioner works the best as a leave in (and 2nd and 3rd day hair is possible!). Hello Hydration was awful for me as a leave in- I was left with a frizzy mess by the end of the day.

For me 2nd day is virtually non-existant AND I wear a bonnet...I do love TT though, more so than HH. On that first day hair. My head do be itchin like all get always wondered why. I will do as Wes says and try Pantene Relaxed & Natural tho.

I use the Sweet Hair Pudding by Ohm Body. Great product and plus it smell like strawberry icecream.

I absolutely love Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. I don't leave it in though. After I condition with that I use Giovanni Direct Leave In. Nothing works better to define my curls.

I've used Hello Hydration and it was great for moisturizing but sometimes I had white patches where I left too much in. I'm using Tresseme curl hydrating conditioner. I think it works well. Its cheaper and the bottle is bigger.

I have 4a hair so my hair is real thick and my curls are real compact. the best stuff which works similar to Herbal Essence is Garnier Fructis Hydra- Curls conditoner and sometimes I throw in some aloe vera plant extract and I swear it looks like i was born with 3c hair! I even had a friend joke that my hair texture changes with the seasons. I only keep it in my hair when it's really hot outside and I wash it out the next day because it makes my scalp itch like crazy!

Hey! I just found your blog today and I think it's great! :)I use Hello Hydration as a DT since it's great to detangle with. And I leave in Pantene's Relaxed and Natural Conditioner. I would suggest having a cheapie conditioner (like V05) as a co wash if one experiences build up with leaving in conditioner.

I noticed that if I have specs with leaving in conditioner (especially after a deep condtioning) co-washing the scalp well and rinsing really helps prior to adding the leave in conditioner.

I love leaving conditioner in my hair for curl def. to combat itchy scalp I have found that apple cider vinager is the bomb! I can mix 2tb in with a cup of water for a rinse. I have even made a spritz of 50/50 water and acv that I apply directly to my scalp when I finish a protective style. It works very well exspecially at the back of my head where it can really itch. So first I wash conditon and then I may do an acv rinse. then I apply my leave in if I need it I use my spritz

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