Do We Love This? Solange Edition

Our favorite trendsetter Solange performing at the Pride Parade in San Francisco.

Do We Love It?
17 Responses:

*wide eye* *side eye*
The eye brows????? Don't think I want to see that again....

Every time I see this outfit I think of a life saver...or a bag of skittles. "taste the rainbow*

Lol a big walking piece of candy.

She is clearly biting Eryhah Badu. Either way, I'm not feeling it at all.

being different is supposed to be innate...seems like her stylists r trying to hard

No. It seems like she's trying too hard to be "different"

Lifesavers..that's what it looks like..the wrapper.

*drops head*

got me saying no, no, no, no, no...

LMAO ... Miss B from the D... really took us back.

I'm not a fan..but hey..whatevs lol

I like it! Chocha and all! She just got Sasha Fierce's Body suit and colored it!

blatant attention seeker

She is trying way to hard. I think she should just give up being a part of the music biz. Your career was over on day one.

As you can tell I am not a fan. I can't stand siblings who try to ride their sister/bros back to fame. i.e. Hailey Duff. Although I don't think Solange is trying THAT hard. It is near impossible to branch out to an area Beyonce hasn't touch.

Does her parents manage her career like Beyonce? If so they are doing a bad job.

i'm guessin cuz it was the pride parade?

Considering it's the Pride Parade, I will say it's totally appropriate. Love it? Not necessarily.

Yes I LOVE it and I love SOlange. I've watched her grow from being Beyonce's lil sis/back up dance to forming her own career and style. She already knows this industry is too far up Bey's ass to let her really get her foot in the door but it still doesnt matter cuz she continues to write & perform her lil heart out. Beyonce is the queen of what she does and we all know that. But why does that mean Solange can't have her own creative outlet as well? I dig her and her REALNESS.

She should relax and stop trying so hard. She is pretty without so much extra all the time. Just my opinion.

Being that it is the Pride Parade I can only imagine how everyone else that was there looked especially the drag queens! lol I think she killed it and the outfit is really cute on her I love Solange! How is she an attention seeker? she's always seen at events and performing! I can see if she was out shopping dressed like this! Ya'll are sleeping on my gurl her cd was one of the best that dropped in 08' thats my opinion!

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