Letters To Urbancurlz: Wash-N-Go Troubles

"I have recently just started to wear my natural hair "down" in the wash and go style. It is really cute during the day it keeps the moisture and everything. However, when I go to sleep and wake up it is all over my head! I do sleep with a satin bonet every night as well I moisturize it before I go to sleep but it never fails that I will wake up and all my curls are gone and its just a hot nappy matted mess! As a result I have resorted to redoing my wash and go everyday wetting my hair everyday and re applying all my products."

My first question: What can I do to keep my wash and go style at least for two days?

My second question: Is it bad to co-wash your hair everyday?


Obtaining second day hair on a wash-n-go set can be tricky because it depends on a couple of different factors. One being your hair texture. The second is the product that you set it with. And finally, how much you manipulate the hair on the first day.

So first, I recommend looking at the product that you're using. Some products provide a better hold than others. For example, when I set my wash n go's with conditioners like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, etc. second day hair is nearly impossible. However, when I use setting lotion, the next day my curls are still defined. So sample the wash-n-go set with several different products and pay attention to which one yields the most success.

Manipulation is another factor that can help or hinder second day hair. On the first day, try not to bother with the curls much. Once dried, usually, I just tugged on the curls just a little to fluff it out some. On the second day and beyond, I fluff hair a little more. Sometimes I apply a little heat from the blow dryer to stretch out the curls.

Finally, texture is also an important factor because some textures frizz or matt more easily than others. This can sometime prevent you from refreshing the curls the next day without re-wetting the hair. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about that. But before throwing in the towel, I recommend trying the aforementioned tips. Continue to wear your bonnet at night or sleep on a satin pillow. And continue to moisturize because that is also an important step.

On the topic of everyday co-washing. I am too guilty of this, but there is really no harm in co-washing daily. So far, the only downside I've found is that the hair accumulates build-up more easily. In that case, I just do a ACV rinse.

Good Luck! Any other tips, ladies?
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Thanks UC. I needed this too. I am one of those that have to co-wash my hair if I'm wearing the wash and go. I have type 4 hair...the type that Matte's and tangles and squishes on the sides of my head every night. I find that if I do the wash and go for several consecutive days, then my hair gets dry and I have to deep condition or do a really good pre-poo to get the moisture back.

Haven't tried the setting lotion for 2 day hair but I surely will. Thanks UC

Hey Ladies, depending on how long your hair is, the way you tie it up at night can be very helpful too. I tie my hair by turning my head upside down then wrapping the scarf flat around the back of the head - so the rest of the hair sticks up on top, (like a rooster). This way the parts that get flattened and or matted are on the underside and not the canopy or sides, and it actually can elongate the back if it's tied securely... http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3032/2890545948_899ae4aaf9.jpg?v=0

Good luck!

washing your hair every day with conditioner is not harmful. you may experience some dryness but that's nothing that a lil shea butter can't fix. ;) good luck!

i agree with nisus on how you protect your curls at night. i loosely pin them back first into the same "rooster" style (haha!) then cover it with a satin scarf or or bonnet.

i don't think daily cowashing in and of itself is a bad thing, but you might not want to manipulate (finger detangle, blow dry, brush, or whatever you do to style) too too often. if my hair gets squashed, i don't have to cowash all over again. i either use my trusty spray bottle or simply wet my hands and scrunch/smooth the smushed curls so they can reform themselves. you don't have to rewet it completely either, just enough to wake up the curls that look limp. i usually don't even need to add more product since the water reactivates whatever i'd used the day before. i agree with urbancurlz that it also depends on what products you used on the first day.

good luck!

I was just thinking about this because this is exactly why I'm not a huge fan of the wash and go..my hair gets tangled too and it's gonna be a lonnnng shower trying to detangle it lol. I would opt for cowashing and the ACV rinse ..it really helps.

I also bobby pin my hair, but not rooster-style (lol) but down and back toward my nape and then put on my satin bonnet.

thanks for posting this. that could be my letter.

i also have to cowash daily. i am experimenting on the weekends with other products and techniques to see if i can get 2 day hair but so far nothing.

i do have to add that this routine has my scalp less itchy and i apply evoo or coconut oil in the evenings to soothe my scalp.

Well...I have to be honest, I've never had a problem with second day hair. I can go up to 4 days without washing...and then I usually do a cowash regardless of the length of hair. My suggestion is that if your hair is longer, you may want to pull it back in a looser ponytail and then tie it down at night.

i co-wash every other day with devacurl one conditioner and shampoo wash once a week. i alternate between devacurl no poo shamppo and lush's shampoo bar. so far my hair is the healthiest its been in years.

i also pin curl sometimes at night so i don't wake up looking like side show bob on a bad day

I cowash everyday with Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner and have not had any issues with it so I dont think anything is wrong with it.

Thank you Nisus!! I did the rooster last night. This is the first time I'm ever wearing second day wash n go hair!

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