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"I just heard about Urbancurlz today and read a letter from distressed mom who permed daughters hair. My ‘Anglo’ daughter in law does an excellent job caring for her three daughters who all have different textures of hair. The oldest, 5, has particularly curly and frizzy hair. It really does look cute worn “loose” but mom also puts it in poni tails. Anyway, do you have a suggestion for a product that will tame the frizzies when she wears it loose. Also, run a bunch of picture of girls with this curly, cute, frizzy hair so our girls can see how other little ones look and learn to loooovvvve their hair and not only want it straight (flat ironed) like their mom’s. Thanks for any suggestions." -GwenC
Hi Gwen,

I can probably shed a little light on the ponytail trap. As a mom to a 3- year old with really curly hair --who loves to wear it "down" as she calls it-detangling is a nightmare. So, as much as I hate to do it, I also have to resort to ponytails for her hair. Ponytails are the easier, less painful styling option to wearing the hair out. And when done properly (not too tight or pulling) can be a very good option for little curlies.

Wearing their hair out on a daily basis can sometimes prove to be a nightmare because curly hair is easily tangled. I've seen a lot of child actresses and models with their hair out so I too once thought this would be a great option, but after the first day...well let's just say...nightmare.

But, ponytails aren't the only solution. Two strand twists are a happy medium for my daughter and I. They prevent the hair from tangling and after a few days I unravel them to allow her to have that "down" look she desires at 3 (side eye :) .

As for products, no need to run out and break the bank on products marketed to little curlies. Conditioner is my little guilty secret. I dilute conditioner and water (1:1) in a spray bottle and use this as a detangler and leave-in. Right now, I am using Totally Twisted by Herbal Essences, but there is no method to the madness, your daughter in law should be able to use most any cheapy conditioner to tame the hair.

Although, if you want to invest in a hair care line, Blended Beauty has a great line as well as Curl Junkie. My daughters and I loves these two lines.
The following are a few pictures I found online of curly girlies:

Two-Strand Twist Hairstyle

Click photo to enlarge
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I wasn't allowed to wear my hair "out." That was it. I learned to stop asking because my mother hardly relented. If she did, it was more than likely blow dried and the front half was in a pony tail and the back was out. She thought it was a too grown for a child to have their hair loose. I also agree with her actually, and plus the headache involved with detangling seems like a burden.

I really appreciate the article!!

This is a good article for all mothers, I think it's a coincidence that she talked about 2 strand twists because that's exactly what i have in my hair right now! It's so perfect for the summer.

Willow Smith (the daughter of Will and Jada) often wears her hair in two strand twists. there are lots of pics online of her. And the little girl in the new movie with Eddie Murphy wears her hair in two strand twists (idk her name though).

But I agree, twists are perfect for the summer! I am wearing them now as well :-)

Curls are beautiful! But you're all so right, it can be really tough with kids! Here's another product to possibly try on the little ones! At least it will help prevent those shampooing tears!
Nice post!
Linda for Ouidad

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