Meet Vlogger Kabrina M.

On what inspired her to start a Youtube channel

I started a Youtube vlog because I could not find very many vloggers who have my hair type. Also, Youtube's Richeau, a hair product junkie, really inspired me. She has vlogged about all the curly hair products ever invented! Her hair type is similar to mine.

On going natural

I have been natural for the past 8 years or so. The term "natural" is so funny to me, because I don't think of my hair as "natural", but just as my hair. I think I feel this way because I still had curly hair even after it was permed. I have no desire to relax my hair again. It is totally pointless, and damaging. I never had a big chop; I just let my curls grow out, and back in 2005 I had my first layered hair cut and had maybe 7 or 8 inches cut, but I still had lots of hair.
On her hair idols

Some of my hair idols are Amel Larrieux, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Erykah Badu. I love Amel's flowing curls, Tracee's oingy boingy curls, and E.Badu's sense of "whatever..." when it comes to her various styles. Out of these three, I must say that Tracee Ellis Ross is my most revered idol. Her hair type is very similar to my own, and did I mention that people say we look alike? Well, you be the judge.

About her stylist

My hair stylist is Robert Young. He is the owner of Robert Young Salon in
Houston, TX. Call the "shop" at 713-782-1088. He is the only one there whom I
trust to cut this hair. I have a layered hair cut, but beyond that, I don't know
how to describe it! He has been cutting my hair for the past couple of years.

On Miss Jessie's

I first purchased Miss Jessie's products in February of this year. I am still new to this idea of "high end" curly hair products. I used to get most of my hair products from Wal-Mart!
My favorite Miss Jessie's product is Curly Meringue. It provides great hold and really moisturizes my curls.

On other products

Mixed Chicks is another of my favorite products. It is very lightweight and is great for "big" hair. Before applying Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner, I like to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give my hair a little extra moisture.

One piece of advice

To all the natural haired ladies out there, I must say that we all have to be proud of the hair that God gave us. For years, I detested my hair. Bone straight was the look I longed for. It seemed so much easier to manage. People constantly admired my hair, but I didn't understand why. It took a little growing up and a lot more self-acceptance to just say," I will not fight my hair anymore." I appreciate the fact that I can wash it and go, or I can wear it straight. It is definitely one of my defining physical traits, and it has gotten me much attention on Youtube!

Thanks Kabrina M. your hair is fabulous! Visit and Subscribe to Kabrina's Youtube Channel
13 Responses:

OMG, she's GORGEOUS. I love her hair!!! This is actually the kind of length and style I aspire to. Sigh. *goes to subscribe to YouTube channel*

I had a hard time reading this article b/c I couldn't stop staring at her hair! It is SOOOO F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!

I have another youtube favorite!

Thanks UC

Thank you for sharing this! I subscribe to her Youtube channel and I LOVE her hair! Sometimes when I am feeling discouraged on this journey I just will turn on one of her videos and watch her bouncing curls! Our texture is very similar so she has been a great inspiration!

I absolutely love her hair! Both she and her hair are gorgeous!

Yes, I will be subscribing to her channel.

FAB-B-B-B! Thanks for sharing this. Off to youtube.

Her hair is FABULOUS! She looks like a model!

Congrats!!! I love the article and your youtube channel. I look forward to reading more from you.

Love your curly sis,

Shawty is a TEN! Aye! hehehe I love the hair and She goes to someone in HOUSTON! Yea!! I might check out her stylist! Thanks for the info UC!

DNelly hit it on the head. I saw Kabrinas YouTube video a while ago and always wondered who cut her hair. Boy I wish I lived in Houston. Fabulous does not even justify how fly her hair is.

Love her hair its gorgeous I just kinda hate how women who wear their hair "natural" make me feel bad for relaxing my hair I don't know I just don't think the natural look works for everyone

@Jevi, don't ever let people and their strong willed beliefs make you feel bad about your personal decision to wear relaxed hair. That is a personal choice, just as wearing hair natural is a personal choice. The mission of UC, is to show that curly hair can be just as fabulous as relaxed hair. But to be real--curly hair is not for everyone. My 16 year old daughter who is completely natural only wears her straight. And that's her choice, I don't force anything on her. We welcome relaxed hair too-we don't bash our sisters for wearing relaxed tresses...It's all love here babe. lol.

Thanks for your support of UC

I proudly refer to myself as a nappy head. I have felt a comb pulling through my roots in more than 5 years... I am sooo fine with that. I may not always have dreads, but I will always be a nappy head!

aww her hair is fab and she's a cutie pie. its so good to see her get shine on your site. too bad my hair does not curl like that (im natural also) or i would wear it like that all the time.

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