Monique Coleman is Afro-licious


hmmm. We've seen her with many of pieces-so I don't know whether to believe this fierce afro is real or fake. What do you ladies think-Real or Faux?
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IDK if it is real or not but how cute! So many little girls LOVE the HSM movies and Disney too. What a great inspiration for them.

I dunno if it's real..but I think I saw her a couple of years ago rehearsing and she was bald! the hair does bring her face out more!

I love this look all of it, if it is fake she is hiding it well. But it looks real to me, looking at the ends it looks real.

I believe it's real, I do know for sure she's natural. My daughter told me she mentioned it in an interview once but I couldn't really grap hold of it because I never saw her natural but now here's proof:) I say I believe because still could be a piece just a fro'd version.

It's looks pretty real. Either way, I'm definitely feelin' it!

Love it, love it, love it, real or faux I love it.

the hair looks natural, just looking at the baby hair, I think its her's. She has down time now that she not doing any high school musical things. She just letting her hair breath and ain't nothing wrong with that! It can get frustrating and stiflin' when u have weave on your head all the time.

I think Monique's hair is so cute, real or faux. I am digging it 100%. I think it becomes her.

I lvoe it! :) I'm natural and my 'fro is small..>STILL< though Ive been growing it for months. Still trying to figure out how to wear it/work it. I think I need to get a blow dryer to blow it out like this some :)

Monique's hair is natural, I was watching the HSM rehearsals and her hair was in a short fro and it was obvious that she had just transitioned. But when it was time to do the promotional stuff she put a wig on, she's actually natural.

i read an interview with her once (i think it was in an issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair) and she openly stated that she keeps her hair natural and opts to wear weaves often to protect it. that's definitely her natural hair. if not all, a good portion of it is probably hers.

it would be nice if they let her rock her hair in the open more often though. it is so beautiful and thick. the look suits her.

I think a good amount of it is hers I did read in a article that she says her hair is natural under the extensions...I like it alot tho. she looks great!

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