Njoi Creations Shealoe

"Shealoe is handwhipped to a mousse like consistence. It's a combination of unrefined shea butter and aloe butter, aloe vera juice and gel, jojoba and coconut oil, lightly scented w/lavender essential oil plus vitamin e and rosmary extract (natural preservatives)"

$6.00 Etsy.com
3 Responses:

what is it for? hair or body or both?

umm $6 is a GREAT price for that Shealoe..and Prudence sounds like it can go all over, both hair and body! (well I would use it all over!)

I wonder how much you get for $6 dollars! Def will check it out!

A lot of pople make this themselves- Check out Shealoe videos on youtube & on Nappturality.com they call it Moeshealoe. The ingredients list is pretty simple plus you can use the ingredients over and over again. From what I hear it is a great moisturizer so I would probably try to make it before I buy it.

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