Ode To Lauryn Hill

Yesterday, I ran cross different writeups about Lauryn Hill cancelling scheduled concerts due to health reasons. I immediately became saddened at the reports, because like many of you, I have been rooting for the day Ms. Hill made a glorious comeback to reclaim the crown she once wore.

Ms. Hill was the queen of all trades. Her music-even a decade later is still in heavy rotation in my disk player. Her fashion sense used to leave me mesmerized. I attempted to copy many of the looks she rocked. It was nothing like the scantilly clad singers of today. Do you remember the lyrics to Doo Wop-"Showing off your ass 'cause you're thinking it's a trend; Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again."

And her hair-oh, that hair...was only fit for a queen. So as I reflected on the positives she brought to us, I decided to take a trip down memory lane remembering all of the fabulous styles rocked my Ms. Hill. For, she is was UC's hair idol.

Don't We love Ms. Hill?
14 Responses:

I cant stop staring at the first pic. such a stunning woman.

I love her. She is my role model, at least the old Lauryn Hill was and still is.

I saw her about two months ago at Barnes & Noble in Livingston, NJ. She's a petite lady, she still has her beautiful natural hair, approachable smile but kept her distance at the same time. She will do concerts soon or later, she has her life and her kids. She'll be knockin' out hit records soon :o)

The last two photos are gorgeous!

I love Lauryn, I just can't wait for her to do music live again. Her hair is always inspiring.

As Kendra Wilkinson would say...HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

I will always love Lauryn she doesn't even have to do concerts she can just do underground CD's or just put them out, no music videos and i'll still be on them like crack LOL.
I personally will always love her with locs, she is my loc inspiration though I have loose hair and may for a while. :-)

I Love, LOVE Lauryn Hill!! Her music is in rotation on my pod.

She also rocks in the Sister Acts!

I love Lauryn Hill and I really miss her music. Not only is she beautiful but she has that undeniable voice. Fros..locs..she is definitely a natural beauty.
Gorgeous pics!

I was just listening to "That Thing" last week! Yeah, Lauryn was it at one time. Sad she had whatever issues she suffered that derailed her career then and now. Hope she can find the inner strength she has and get back. Blessings to her.

Laryn Hill is one of the most beautiful entertainers out. She reminds me of a Japanimation caracter. She is talanted and knowledgeable. I hope she gets it together and comes back and shares her gift. Even if she has retired for now, I wish her all of the best!

Damn, I miss her in the game. She is so beautiful

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