Tip of The Day: Locking in Curl Texture

"Your natural texture is prettiest when wet. So applying styling product to towel-dried hair is a big mistake. When it's wet, apply your fixative styling products—so the texture stays that way. Don't touch until it's dry [because you will disturb the] curl pattern! Wavy, curly and kinky hair textures have a lot more in common than not. The major difference is that kinky textures need styling products considerably heavier in viscosity than wavy textures. With a little self control, what you see wet is how your curl will set!" -Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules

I've couldn't have said this better. Eutopia, this is for you! Read more of Anthony Dickey's tips and suggestions at AmberMag.
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Thanks for posting this. I am just beginning to understand the how-to of the wash and go and that is exactly the key. Thanks UC.

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