Tip Of The Day: Sunglasses

Top off your daily look with a pair of fabulous sunglasses. Sunglasses work to pull any look together exhibiting an aura of confidence. So even on your H_A_M days, you can still look like you know what you're doing. lol.
I've learned the hard way that you don't have to rock expensive shades either because I get more compliments on my daughter's $30 Steve Madden shades than on any $200 pair I've ever donned. So, goodbye expensive shades...so not worth it.

4 Responses:

I have a hard time with this one..you know I agree, but then when I am out and see those chanels on a chick it makes me put mine back on just because they look so classic.

Great tip! I wear Walmart sun glasses that fit over my regular eye glasses (not fab). It is important for people to protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays, while yet looking fab! I ended up having a lot of eye problems from years of not wearing sun glasses. So thanks for this post!

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