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My soon to be 16 year old is asking for blue hair! (wide eye) IDK, what do you think? Is blue hair the next thing? Should women over 25 be banned from this look? Do you think a streak or two of this may look cute in curly hair? Is this a good look at any age? You tell me, the jury is still out on this one.
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Everyone should be banned from blue hair unless it's Hallowe'en.

I was actually thinking about doing blue streaks in the front. Just a few, not too bright, though. I like it bold when you are under 25, over that age if you want to rock, you need to tone it down a bit.

it can work on some. kelis jus wasn't doing it right and i'm on the fence about lil scrappy's momma. it looks best when it's subtly done IMO.

Subtly is key. A streak here and there; not a head full of it. Who's trynna look like Marge Simpson?

My 21 year old niece has a blue streak in the back of her hair( I was clueless this is a trend) that is only visible when she puts it in a ponytail. I think it's more of a youth thing

I'm sorry I just can't get down with the blue, call me old fashion *and i'm 26 LOL*
I loved Kelis's sense of style in Milkshake and even bossy *she worked that cut* but she's just not working it like she did. *maybe that's just me* She's got some gorgeous curls, why the bland straight do?

I understand if she wants to make a statement but being a 16 year old in this time is hard. People might think she's a crip or something. I'm 17 and I don't think you should allow her to dye her hair blue or red or any crazy color.

Instead of actually streaking her hair blue, I've seen some girls at my college put a colored extension in their hair. It was sublte because some of their real hair covered the color (it just peaked through), and it was really cute.

Maybe a few strands would be a little cute...but not for everyone. I do think there needs to be an age limit! But I definitely don't like it on neither Kelis or Lil Scrappy's mother...

idk...i can look holloweenish and young..but hey..who cares. lol. if it makes you happy and isnt it. lol. i just twisted put some blue in my natural hair. i just LOVE when people have locs and die the tips odd my spin on this was to two strand twist with extentions my hair and put a lil blue in it. and yes the thought of the fact that i am not in junior high anymore, and i am a mother and it not holloween did pass my mind....but i like it. lmaoooo.

oh i forgot to post the link to pics in my blog of my blue hair.

I think the blue is kinda cool... on both of the ladies. Less is more would be a little reminder. Also Lil Scrappy's mother should probably be more concerned with wearing a bra, I think....

@Mylovemylife- first, baby girl is just so so so cute. And the blue is nice on you. It's very subtle, but adds a little spice to the twists.

I use to die my hair blue in the front all of the time when I was like 15 (wow scary that was 20 years ago!!) had my bob cut, tapered in the back with lines and blue front fat gold chain and name earrings to boot of course:)

But to answer your question I think it would cute, has to be the right style for it tho.

I was just reminded of Anu the owner of Khamit Kinks in BK. She had sister locs with blue tips which I thought were so cute! Here is a link to the pic

I think there is another on there somewhere that shows it better but this was the first I came across in the archives.

And because it's a natural site, the salon has a lot of nice styles in general on there for those looking for new things to try.

Blue hair can work....Kelis...isn't she pregnant in that picture? She looks hot and uncomfortable. As for Lil Scrappy's momma....girl no. Stop that foolishness!

I agree, blue hair is workable. When I was 16/17 I had a blue rinse, so my hair basically looked black but with a slight blue tint, which was more saturated looking under light. I had a few deep-blue colored streaks to make a bit more noticeable, but it was still subtle and stylish overall.

Not liking the blue streaks.

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