Dawn Gets Curly With It

Dawn shows off a curly version of her do via Twitter over the weekend. I posted this as an example of what can be done with short natural hair. I always get questions about styling options for transitioners and short natural hair. Well my number one suggestion is a flexi-rod set. This type of set rocks on short natural hair. This was my favorite when I transtioned and after I bc'd. The curls last about a week.

6 Responses:

She looks so cute! I know when I BC flexi rods are going to be my staple! What happened to the Kesh post from last week?

I must have saved it in error...but I put it back. Oops!

Now this is better than the Rhianna copy cat hairstyle.

Okay, so I am the one to need a flexi-rod tutorial. What products do you recommend?

oooh. looks like a plan to me, do you have to reset with the flexi rods every night?

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