Get This Look: Keyshia Cole @ The 2009 BET Awards

When I saw Keyshia Cole's hair the other night on the BET Awards, the first thing that came to my mind was Farrah Fawcett. The second was a an affirmation, "India, please don't go cutting your hair. You have a goal to obtain." So after that, I opened up my eyes and continued watching her hair paying little attention to the performance, which was by the way one of best.

I don't have to tell you that I was pretty excited when I opened up my email on Monday to get the following tip on how to obtain Keyshia's hairstyle created by the none other than the fabulous Ursula Stephen.

"I was definitely inspired by women of the 70's," says Ursula. "Keyshia's cut is a cross between Janet from Three's Company and Farrah Fawcett's iconic Charlie's Angels hair."

To get the look:

Step 1: Ask your stylist for layers from top to bottom. "I gave her dramatic layers but didn't want to take off too much length, and I left some pieces longer in the back to give the cut an interesting edginess to it."

Step 2: On damp hair, spray sections with a heat protectant, such as Motions Heat Seeker Protecting Spray.

Step 3: Lightly spritz each section with hairspray, such as the Motions Light Hold Spritz, and immediately flat-iron the section to give it sleek, smooth style.
Learn more about Ursula Stephen by viewing her website here.
6 Responses:

Feathered wings? Does anyone remember the snatch back where both sides of the feathered wings met in the back... I love the movement of the hair, but it should still be a modern take on the style, no snatch backs!

wait, is she telling us to flatiron damp hair?

Good eyes Natakue, I will ask her.

I think Keyshia's hair looked really good. I'm glad she's growing it out. I can't wait to see how it will look in the next few months.

Her hair was a pleasant distraction from her outfit

Hi UC! Ive been a longtime reader and fan of ur blog. I applied a texturized to my hair earlier this year but since my new growth the textures in my hair look weird (to me at least). Anyway, I'm going to chance getting a short hair style. 1.) do u recommend a shorter natural cut in the summer? 2.) if so, what short hairstyles would you recommend?
I want sumthin low maintenance and more so on the girly side I don't want to look like a lil boy lol.
Thanks a bunch for ur help,

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