Hotness or A Hot Mess: Kelis Covers Oyster Mag

Kelis covers the most recent Oyster Magazine donning a different look. Ladies, what do we think about this look on Ms. Kelis? View more photos at Necole Bitchie.
8 Responses:

The shape of the bangs is off...dunno about the overall silhouette of the hair either.

I love it. I wish I could see her curly again tho.

i miss her curls but the bangs look a little odd

I love everything she does. I'm a fan.

Not her best, but better than the blue hair

Not really into the two tone mess, I just don't think it looks good on anyone. I think she is trying for a modern retro vibe. I don't know, to each his own.

I effin love it! Im a different kinda girl Kelis is a different kinda girl so it wrks for me

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