Janet @ Michael's Memorial Service

Like many of you, I was glued to the Internet from work for hours today, unable to concentrate or focus on anything other than Michael Jackson's memorial service. My co-workers and I sent instant messages, popped in and out of Facebook commenting on the highlights of the services. But perhaps, one of the biggest conversations stemmed around how regal Janet looked today. And you know, we curly curls couldn't help but smile internally because she gracefully rocked a curly side ponytail topped with a beret and big shades. We loved it.

There's no more I can say about the Memorial service because words can not express how much Michael Jackson, rather the Jackson family have and continue to inspire our world-music, dance, fashion, beauty and hair. For that, I am forever grateful to this family. RIP Michael.

Ladies, what do you think about Ms. Jackson, standing ovation or what?
10 Responses:

standing ovation and two snaps up a circle and a twirl...loved her look from head to toe

I was thinking the same thing. Notwithstanding the event itself, Janet looked nothing short of amazing.

i am speechless...over it all..she looked great...we are watching his videos now...me and my 9 year old...he said..."michael jackson just does something to you..he makes you want to get up and dance..."

yeah.... janet was on point.

ITA with other ladies.

I loved it. I want to know who she was wearing.

Janet looked great and am still speechless over everything

omg! I blogged about this very thing! I couldn't even focus on the important stuff because I was trying to peep her whole ensemble!

That's how you mourn in front of the world baby!

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