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"I've been a longtime reader and fan of ur blog. I applied a texturizer to my hair earlier this year but since my new growth the textures in my hair look weird (to me at least). Anyway, I'm going to chance getting a short hair style.

1.) Do you recommend a shorter natural cut in the summer?

2.) If so, what short hairstyles would you recommend?

I want sumthin low maintenance and more so on the girly side I don't want to look like a lil boy lol.

Thanks a bunch for ur help."


First thing I want to mention is that just because your hair is two textures, doesn't mean that you have to cut it all off. Remember, curly hair is composed of many different textures. So sometimes you just have to be a little creative with the textures by working with different products. Say for example, if your hair is thicker at the roots, try using a heavy product at the roots (i.e. KCCC or Miss Jessies) and a lighter product on the ends (i.e. conditioner only). This works for me because straightening has left me with a looser curl pattern in some areas.

However, in some cases, it's beyond manageable and you have to chop it. So my recommendation is it cut into an edgy style like a mohawk if your texture allows. It doesn't have to be an outrageous look but something subtle like pictured above. This is an awesome look on short curly hair and it exudes so much confidence. Summer is the best time to wear shorter hair because you can just wet and go and re-wet throughout the day if necessary.

Spice it up with color. Another great way to rock your TWA (teeny-weeny afro). This really looks amazing and makes a statement all on its own. I recommend Aveda color because it is 97% natural.

And don't forget your accessories! Any other suggestions, ladies?
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thanks a bunch for answering. I love the pic that you posted. if i just hold my breath and actually get a short cut I want that exact one.
I will keep you posted.
and thanks again for your response ;)

o I also meant to ask you if you know what the backside of that haircut looks like? and,
Is there another site you'd recommend to check out some more short dos?
thanks UC

hair accessories are GREAT for TWAs! You can see beautiful headbands, scarves and barrettes without them drowning in your hair! Hats are great too! My collection has increased since getting a TWA because I dont have to stuff lots of hair under it :) Big earrings (where them long! You dont have hair to get them caught on/in!) and fly makeup can make you feel more feminine too,

hope this helps!

yup it doe thanks a lot Alice :)

That model is STUNNING!!

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