Miss Jessie's Quick Curls

I finally got around to trying Miss Jessie's Quick Curls and it's definitely a keeper. Great for wash n go styles, Quick Curls, does exactly what it promises-provides defined shiny curls, fast. It's a weightless formula, so it won't weigh your curls down or give you that crunchy look once dried. And at $9 can't beat the price because a little of this product goes a long way.

Visit Miss Jessie's to get yours.
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I'm going to have to try this because I am on a mission to find what works on my hair. My hair has multiple personalities, so I never know what it likes from what it doesn't

$36 for 8oz is steep, especially for a product that contains mineral oil.

does this stuff work on 4a hair?

It worked on mine and I am 3c to 4a-ish. I love it. If conditioner only works on your hair, then this will. The only difference is that it leaves the curls more defined and shinier than conditioner only.

I tried Quick Curls but it didn't work for me. Sadly, none of Miss Jessie's products do anything for my curls because most of them have wheat proteins in them which make my hair dry as the Sahara! I'll stick with my Suave Coconut conditioner as a leave in or my new favorite Cantu Shea Butter leave in.

Quick Curls is a pretty good product but if your curls need a lot of definition, this won't give it to you.



& PETROLATUM (both of which damage both
hair & skin) AS two of the KEY INGREDIENTS

2) Titi & Miko – THE OWNER’S of the “Miss Jessie’s”
product line (AND most of THE CLIENTS they choose
to photograph) -- achieve their hair-styles because
they USE what they call a ”Silkener”' (which is simply
a mild relaxer / texturizer & made of CHEMICALS).

3) The same results can be achieved for a fraction of
the cost by going to a store and purchasing / applying
the same dangerous (ex. relaxer / texturizer) as well
as damaging (ex. mineral oil / petrolatum) products.

4) People should save their money (and hair) by avoiding
the cheaply-made / expensively-sold products (such as
the ”Miss Jessie’s” line) that contain worthless and
harmful ingredients such as mineral oil / petrolatum
and / or are “chemically-dependent” to achieve results.

5) The Owners of the 'Miss Jessie's' product line appear
to be no more inclined to reveal that their own hair
(and that of the hair of the majority of the clients
that are posted on their website ) has been "silkened"
(i.e. chemically-processed) than they are to admit that
two (2) of the main ingredients contained in their hair
products are 'mineral oil' ("liquidum parrafinum") and
petrolatum -- and actually try to downplay both facts.

6) Meanwhile women found all over the US and
Canada continue to unwittingly dole out a ton of
money for a product which is essentially now the
equivalent of taking a melted jar of ‘Blue Magic
Hair Dressing’ or ‘Johnson’s Baby Oil’ and mixing
it with a bottle of ‘Suave Instant Conditioner'

(OK -- maybe the Blue Magic/Johnson’s / Suave comment
is a stretch –- but -- one hopes that the point is still taken
... when it comes to ‘ethnic’ or ‘naturally-textured’ hair’
-- Miss Jessie’s simply “misses the mark” entirely.) =D


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