Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Part 1

I was perusing the mall tonight with the kids when I remembered that Sephora was in the mall. So I stopped by to take pick up the Ojon Restorative Hair treatment. The representative was extremely helpful with pointing me directly to what I was looking for. But the moment I saw that small 1 oz. jar for $21, my eyes widened. Then I looked a the bigger 5 oz. size --$55. I immediately turned to the associate and asked, is there a happy medium? We both laughed as she explained that a little goes a LONG way. But I'm a cheapo when it comes to products. I have to know that it works before I invest my hard earned money, trust me I work hard to earn it. So, I settled for a complimentary sample, in which she happily prepared for me.

Right before I went to bed I decided to apply it to my hair as an overnight leave in treatment. And boy the fireworks started. My hair immediately felt more hydrated and softened. Ooh, and the buttery smell left me in heaven. So, for tonight, I am just enjoying the hydration in my hair, my curls need it.

Tomorrow, I will rinse it out and let y'all know if I feel a difference in the moisture level in my hair. So far, Ojon is a product line to watch.

If you haven't tried this, please stop by and visit the nearest Sephora for a complimentary sample. The sample gives about 2-3 treatments. By the way, if you live in the Mall of Georgia area, they are having an in-store Natural Hair work shop on Saturday. I am thinking about stopping by for it. Contact the Mall of Georgia store for details.
2 Responses:

I've used Ojon (restorative treatment, shampoo, and conditioner) for about 3 years now. I LOVE the smell of all the products, and the restorative treatment has worked wonders on my hair. I've strayed away from it, but I'm going to return to using it as a pre-poo.

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and moisturized the Hyrdrating Condish made my parched tresses. I think I'll try the treatment next.

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