Product O The Day: Whoop Ash

Ok, I guess today is a product day because I can't help but to throw this one in. Will Smith's ex and Entrepreneur Sheree Fletcher has created a creamy body butter called Whoop Ash. Yes, I said it, Whoop Ash. You can't help but to chuckle at the name but I that is just the start of the marketing brilliance behind this product.

Sheree has followed up with a series of Youtube videos that are sure to intrigue the mind and make you wonder what's the stir that even have celebrities singing its praises. Here are just a few testimonials:

"We LOVE it! Smells so good and works. I swear I have the ashiest kids ever. Great product.”
Holly Robinson-Peete, actress

“My skin gets extremely dry during various times of the year in the California desert. What I love about Whoop Ash (other than the great name) is that it leaves my skin very moisturized without that greasy residue. It's wonderful!”
Shaun Robinson, co-host Access Hollywood and author of Exactly As I Am

"Whoop Ash is the best product in the world. If you don't buy it I'll whoop YOUR ash!"
Chris Rock, entertainer

According to Whoop Ash's web site, the cream is made of 99% all natural ingredients and infused with white honey and eco-certified organic shea butter. It's hypo-allergenic, preservative free and paraben free. It's a non-greasy formula promises to transcend the driest skin to a grease-less radiant sheen.

***Added to my must have list of products.

Watch one of the Youtube videos below:

3 Responses:

You're right, catchy it is, but at $20????


Drink plenty of water and use St. Ives Shea Butter and Cocoa lotion instead, much cheaper. I must admit, love the name.

Felicia, This Time Now

I am so lovin' this video and the product name. Sounds like something I'd give a try.

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