Rhianna's New Do: Hotness or A Hot Mess?

Rhianna emerges, again. This time with a little tweaking to her hawk. It seems like everyone is hopping on the shaved head trend. For some reason, I am really loving this look on her. Further, it's a look you can fiercely rock with natural hair as Natural-Belle exhibits in her post.
12 Responses:

I'm really not feeling the half shaved head, but Rihanna somehow makes it look glamorous.

It's cute. I'm used to it on Rihanna, so it's kind of a messy version of what we've seen for a while.

The one sided hawk is a trend I hope will end verrrrry soon. Mo/faux-haws are hot. One sided, not so much.

I cant dig this style on anybody. I swear if Beyonce is next, I'm moving to Mars.

This is pretty on her, howevever I'm tired of seeing this look already. Fourth of July weekend in the DC area, I couldn't tell you how many females, from teens to adults I saw wearing their hair like this.

I'm ready for this trend to be over.

Okay this is not old, let's go back to Kelis circa 2006. Rihanna is just in the spot light right now.

Ok now this hotness. I am really sick of the side shaved look but she pulls it off nicely!!

When this phase is up there will be a lot of pissed of people probably shaving their whole head or doing wigs/weaves to recover. >_>

Agreed this isnt something new..but I think it looks ok on Rih.

Yeaaaaa... I like the third pick of her profile...it definitely looks great :)

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