Solange Edition: Hot Or A Hotmess?

Ok so I go on hiatus for one day, matter of fact a half a day and look what happens! Solange goes and shave all of her hair in protest of UC going on a break. Okay, okay, i'm joking! But what's really going on in Hollywood that has everyone shaving their hair? Is it the heat?

Idk, but I want to know what do you ladies think-Hot or a Hot Mess?

**Hopefully, nothing else should pop up between now and August 3rd that cause me to interrupt my hiatus. If so, I will be back, but the party will continue on FaceBook. So if you are not a fan, please click the Facebook link and subscribe. The party never stops on FB!
16 Responses:

I love it and I love Solo...I follow her on twitter and she stated that she cut her hair a few weeks back, she wasnt trying to make a statement, she was just being herslef!

Natural hair has gotten so popular and so much more accepted that everyone's doin it! Nappy is the new black! I think she looks fierce...Rock it out Solange!!!

i thoughtabout it lie...still thinking..i love it.

I love and appreciate it! Stand strong Solange!

But we all know, she'll be rocking another lace-front wig next week.


wisdom goddess born

How brave to step far away from your sisters shadow and claim your own. She looks cute too. Go Solo!

I think its kool. I dont want I just get the feeling that this is how her hair is when she takes off the wigs and lace fronts..just saying :D

I love the idea.... but not on her.

Please don't get me wrong. I wear my natural hair everyday like a soldier, but Solange just looks regular... A cropped cut suits some, not all.

Solange does what she wants and when she wants. THAT is HOT! I thought she was already natural but the fact that she wants change, is HOT. I dunno. Part of me does not want to like it but I need to stop lying to myself. Keeping in mind that it will take better shape... this is, dare i say? HOT!

I think it looks ok, what's more is how so many people on blogs and such tear this woman for her not having a wig on? its shameful how some folks act

Solange looks very nice :-) She's happy with herself & thats what matters. I'll never understand certain people though & I don't think I want to... why is it when a woman is brave enough & is comfortable enough with herself to cut off all her hair, some people say well its nice she's natural but the style don't suit her.... its nice to have an opinion, Lord knows it is but damn....smh

I don't think it looks bad. Maybe she should wear some big earrings too. Solange is very pretty, but I'm not sure she has elegant enough of a face to wear this style.

Im more concerned about that hideous outfit shes wearing

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