Would You or Won't You? Latisse For Eyelash Growth

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time, may have the hint that I am a little obsessed with my eyelashes. Not because they are long and luscious, but because I barely have any. So I have tried the $200 lash extensions (not worth it in my opinion); tried the $3 Ardell clusters and even have had bouts with trying to apply the individual lashes myself. Only to find myself reapplying lashes all day, so uncool. So when I heard about this product that stimulates eyelash growth...ding! ding! ding!

I immediately got online and did a little search for this miracle product, Latisse. Here's what I found:

LATISSE is an FDA-approved prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (inadequate lash growth) used to grow thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Basically, it's an solution (originally used to treat Glaucoma) that is applied to clean, makeup free lashes nightly. You should see a noticeable difference in as little as 8 weeks with maximum results in about 12 weeks.

Like with any product, there are some side effects. For Latisse, eye darkening, itching and irritation are the most common. And when you stop using the product, your eyelashes return back to normal over the course of several weeks. So for now, I have put Latisse on my products to watch list. I will check it out in a year or so and for now stick to my falsies.

What are your thoughts on Latisse?
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I just saw this commercial yesterday for the first time.. Hope my comment doesn't come off as negative but I'm pretty anti pharma-biz and I reallllly can't stand the FDA and their seal of approval. They've given the 'okay' on things that ended up hurting people later on down the road so I'm really not feelin' any products that are out there.. I tend to be more holistic in my approach to anything regarding my body. I see you've tried many things though so hopefully you find something that works :)

I saw the commercial w/ Brooke Shields the other day and thought interesting but then the side effects (eye darkening, may be permanent) --- that's scary. I say keep researching and watching for updates on it's effects.

I have been seeing the commercials as well and I have to admit, I agree with the comments above, I am afraid of the side effects! I think I would be too nervous that this would affect my vision negatively.

i was loving what I was reading till i read th side effects. lol i need to use the faslies i buy cos my lashes do not look as lush as I would like them

The following link is to a blog im subscribed to which discusses Latisse: http://www.truthinskincare.com/2009/01/latisse-are-you-ready-for-bigger-lashes.html

I heard of this product awhile back and was excited. But based on your post alone, I probably wont go anywhere near it. Dark eyes? No thank you. Also what's the point if your eyelashes go back to the same length after you stop using? It is just a temporary quick fix to a not so bad problem.

They do seem interesting...but I saw side effects & I too was a bit scared. Wait for a couple more years to see if something else pops up as a side effect.

I saw this commercial for the first time last night and I was a little skeptical. I work in clinical research and I think you decision to wait a year is wise. The FDA may approve something, but that doesn't mean they know everything.

No ma'am. I just can't. I feel similiar to curlychronicles about the pharmaceutical biz.

You should chek out Lilash and Revitalash, as well. I have heard great reviews of these products. I met a lady with long, gorgeous lashes who uses Revitalash. Both products are around $100-$140. A tube lasts approximately 5 months. Neither require a prescription to be purchased.No, I have no personal experience with these products. I expect to later in the year.

It's not worth the risk. I think there is a point where we have to draw the line in the sand and say "no". This is definitely one of those times.

Have you tried castor oil? I have an eye lash fetish as well, i had individual lashes put on almost a year ago and they completely took my poor lashes off. i started using castor oil and my lashes have grown significantly. I got the oil from walgreens, just the regular kind that people use as a laxative (lol)its like $5. if you want to see a pic of my lashes now email me @ myventsessions@gmail.com and i will show u good luck!

I just did a blog piece on the new vibrating mascaras! I have sparse lashes and this stuff makes them look naturally long.

Coach Barbie is right castor oil will do the trick without all the harsh side effects. Don't spend your hard earned money on that chemical junk.

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