Celeb Sighting: Kelis & Dickey

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Our resident favorite, Kelis was spotted strolling the streets with non-other than her stylist and hair guru, Dickey. I don't know but something is telling me that we are going to see a reemergence of the curly hair from Kelis. What do y'all think? Or is that too passe for her?

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5 Responses:

Ok first I'm gon need for Dickey to button that shirt! Concerning Kelis's hair I hope so, loved her curls.

LOL. I was thinking the same thing about Dickey.

OMG I hope Kelis embraces the curls again. She's like a fashion muse to me.I third that motion about dude's shirt,lol

I'm w/the comments on Dickey's shirt. And OMG, are his drawers showing?!....

As for Kelis, I would love to see her let her curls loose again.

Yes, his drawers are showing. So not a good look for him. I barely noticed him.

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