Celeb Sighting: Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor spotted at the premiere of Halloween II. Oh, the hair!

Side Note: Slow posting today; I needed some time to unplug last night.
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Her hair is fab! I think I'll jack her style once the winter months approach.

Her outfit, on the other hand....


That bottom half confuses me :/

Those toes nails. It must be a kiddie thing. But the hair is awesome.

So this ISN'T a wig?!

Its definitely not her hair. I think she's getting shine because its a curly weave.

It's still pretty fab! Its just easier for one to copy her look :-)

@J. Carisma- I think it is her hair. She has been shown liveblogging while styling it.

Mmm I'm still skeptical. Weaves have greatly advanced in recent years. From weave strands that are individually glued to your own hair (fusion) to lacefront wigs and invisible parts (we see the wonders Beyonce achieves)...there is a lot one can accomplish. Even Rihanna has weave from time to time...and she has a short style.

Even if Tey is natural, I still feel as though there are some extensions in there for fullness' sake. Its just too perfect. I've never such full and luscious and perfectly coiled strands that haven't been enhanced...

Unfortunately folks, this is not her hair... but it's a great look and such a compliment for those who love the full hair. ♥ This blog! Rock On! -Bebe Publisher 1021Online.com

Teyana's hair is actually a weave. It's cute though. Here's a link to a picture of her hair without the curly weave:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7fKFmlGJlSI/SL_43ErpppI/AAAAAAAAABI/bSzrkMx8DJw/S660/TBLOG.jpg

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