Channeling Lady GaGa

Ladie Gaga Bow Gobbolino

Last week while I was on vacation, walking through SeaWorld, the speakers were blasting, "Just dance, gonna be okay, Da da doo doot-n..." I literally broke out and started dancing in the park wondering "Who sings this song?". So my niece sarcastically informed me that it was Lady Gaga. "Where have you been aunt India?" she replied. It immediately resonated because I have heard her name many times and wondered what the hype was all about. But after hearing that song and breaking out in uncontrollable dance in the middle of Sea World; I instantly became a fan and wanted to know what this Lady Gaga was all about.

So while searching the web last night, I found a lot of interesting things about her that I dare not share on this platform, but what I will share is that Ms. Gaga has jumped on the scene and established herself as not only a music icon but a hair and fashion icon as well. I fell in love with some of the daring looks that Ms. Gaga dons, especially the bow.

Now, I will be the first to admit, that I could never be caught alive with the bow in my head - everything is not for everyone. But it certainly works for Lady Gaga and has established a signature look that has others following like Paris Hilton, and Kelly Osbourne just to name a few. This is originality at it's best.

So if you're daring, and feeling Ms. Gaga's style-as you can see above there are ways to rock a bow with curly hair. So, get yours or if you're like me--just admire.
4 Responses:

I heart Lady Gaga. I'm still laughing at the thought of you breaking out dancing in the middle of the park because the song is contagious. Did anyone stop and look?

I'm just looking at her hair. Look at how textured it is...a lil conditioner and she'd be good to go!

I love the bow! Big props to the girls that wear the big ones. If I can find some cute little ones you won't be able to tell me nothing, lol

i'm certain paris hilton did the hair bow before her and in my opinion looked better.

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