Chris Rock's Good Hair Trailer

4 Responses:

This should spark good dialogue. I think it will be funny and thought provoking. Do your thing Chris :)

I can not wait. I deal with the good/bad hair thing all the and movies will do that to you,lol. I have learned that my hair fits me and my personality....once you play around and get to know your hair, you'll be good:)

I'm so happy that Chris is doing this. It kind of pokes fun at the ridiculous way that not only we as black people but also other cultures (i.e. the asian store owner) view black hair. I think the easiest way to start a discussion is with a laugh.

I can't wait for this to come out!!!!! It's going to be great. If you think about it the whole thing is quite funny. I found Paul Mooney's little quip interesting, because I've found it to not be true. I went to a wedding and there were white people asking ME for hair tips and what products I use, which isn't unusual since I've gone natural, lol.

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