Did You Know? Curl Texture

Hair changes every five to seven years

-Christo, creator of the Curlisto hair product line

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sooo does this mean your curls can get tighter or looser over time? if so pretty interesting

hey, this picture is of the lady from the NuvaRing commercial, lol!!
i have always admired here hair in that commercial: its gorgeous!
this is an interesting statement as well, and i now want to do some research on it!

Does it really?...what does he mean by "change"...as in will the hair follicle curvature change or will the texture change (thicker or thinner)...I'm kind of confused by the meaning of the statement...it's pretty broad

Here's a more in depth explanation:


"I'm big on yoga for staying fit, but also because it helps me relax which is a very necessary beauty component due to the high stress levels of everyday life. While stress affects the entire body, the first place it usually shows up is in a person's face. The inverted poses in yoga increase blood flow to the head, and can immediately give you a healthy glow.

I make my own homemade sugar scrub. It's easy to make and stays fresh when refrigerated. In a jar, add one part organic cane sugar to one part vegetable glycerin and then add five to ten drops of your favorite essential oil. My favorite scents are rose, lavender, lemon and sandalwood. Experiment with different combinations to come up with a scrub that's not only great for dry hands and feet, but also excellent for exfoliating chapped lips. All of the ingredients can be safely ingested, so if you get a little in your mouth, the most it'll do is taste sweet. Plus you've got an aromatherapy bonus!"

-Lancôme model Selena Breed

It's hard to say because I've had the same hair texture for most of my life. I feel that the products and techniques have more to do with the way my hair looks than natural causes.

You have to take into consideration many things; diet, climate, stress all have a role in the texture of our hair. As some people reach adulthood, they become more stressed, thus encouraging things like hair loss and thinning. Old age takes a toll on our hair texture as many find hair to become finer and less dense as in younger years.

Some children who had bouncy ringlets began to lose their curl with age. But diet and lifestyle changed as well. One can't say they consistently at the same foods and lived in the same conditions all their lives.

Also, remember that skin color also gets relatively lighter or darker as well. It's all a part of the body's transitioning into older age.

So, no, I wouldn't vouch for the idea that hair texture changes...It's not a drastic enough change like a 4b going to 3b hair texture. It's more like some 3c hairs will pop in. And even with hair length, the hair texture seems to appear differently as well as newer products, hard water and other factors.

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