Don't Call It A Comeback?

Tyra Banks on location at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City for the filming of Gossip Girl

Beyonce donned 20's fingerwaves during her "Sweet Dreams" video

So this is a style has been making its rounds on red carpets on and off for years now but when I saw Beyonce rocking the fingerwaves in her video, I thought "Comeback". Then I saw pictures of Tyra hit the net the other day and again, I thought "Comeback". However, I know it's really not a comeback because fingerwaves have been around for years, but I am going to keep my eye on this trend to see who jumps on it next.

Curlies, don't fret fingerwaves can be created on our hair too. Find out how here.

6 Responses:

I have been seeing finger waves throughout Baltimore for the past few years. Not sure if its a comeback or a Baltimore thing. Regardless im done with my fingerwaves days, trust!

Please, please, please....tell us how to get fingerwaves. My husband loves them but I am clueleess how to 'do it'

Click on here in the post or just follow this link

Finger waves need to stay back where it came from along with all the other trends that were lame then and lamer now

Fingerwaves are so dope. Lame, in what way. Bring them back I loved the ones that required about a whole jar of gel.

Yeah finger wave's never left, nor has the mohawk, and shaved heads. The media just always make it seem like its a "comeback" when non-celebs (normal people) have been rocking that everyday of there life, not trying to find something "new and the 1st to do it." lol... Finger waves are hot, I told my mother a few months ago I wanted some and she was like they are fly but you have to use A JAR OF GEL!! good

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