Hair That's In...Hair That's Out

Mohawks: Rhianna's soft, yet hard rocker hawk is probably the most sought after hairstyles

TWA: Solange has totally twisted the Hollywood hair game by going au natural via big chop and we are loving everything about it

Halle Berry: Halle has returnd to her roots with this vintage Halle look that has women across the nation getting the "Halle Berry"

Big Hair: Teyana's hair is timeless, what more can I say?

Going, Going, Gone...

Spikey Tresses: As seen on Monica in a 2009 performance-this freeze hard look have been replaced with softer more touseled curls

Lace Front Wigs: I don't quite know who thought it was a good thing to break lace fronts out, but thank goodness they are playing out. I cringe at the thought of one!

Blue Hair: We love color and Kelis, but blue hair is not bossy on anyone

So ladies, if you are looking for a new do, these are a few to consider and a few to avoid. Feel free to add on to the list.

6 Responses:

i agree with them all...and thanks for the b-day wishes...LEOS in the house is right.

I love this post...very, very true.

BTW, this new blog layout is fierce!!!

heyyy it'z most favorite woman: Kelis! LOVE her to death man. lol. And u're so right Teyana's (and every other woman's) BIG hair will NEVER go outta style. I dont care wut they say ha ha. Cant wait to grow my 3inch TWA out so I can do it BIG

Sometimes I like RiRi's hair, other times I think she looks rather ridiculous. It depends on the day. One day, her vibe is natural the other, trying too hard. hmmm. oh well. Love Halle too :)

uh oh! wait a minute! Tamstyles: LEOS are most def in the heezy LOL. Bday is next week. *running over to the bday post

i love teyana's hair. it's what I'm hoping to have in about a year. BIG HAIR RULES!

i hope someone sent this memo to tyra

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