Hot or a Hot Mess: Beyonce Edition

This picture of Beyonce has been circuling the net today of her leaving a lunch date with hubby, Jay-Z. There was a lot of negative comments about the wet curly, mullet look she was rocking. Personally, I thought it was cute. But I will let you be the judge-
Do we love this?
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Beyonce would rather look a hot mess in somebody else's jacked up hair than walk around with the hair that grows out of her head.

I like it. It's just that the top looks like she has some serious hat head. It needs to be tousled or something.

Well all I have to say is why Bey why? I think her hair looks a mess... Sorry.


I have to agree with hat head that needs fluffling. lol

It just looks like it is wet that's all. What's the big deal? It will fluff up when it is dry.

I know I have ran out of here with a wet weave and wet flat looking wash n gos. I have more important stuff to do then to sit under a dryer and I am sure she does too.

So what?! the girl is human...

I think Miss B from the D is right! After looking at it a second time, That is some serious hat hair. She doesnt normally go out with hair that looks undone. Ok she gets a pass. That dress looks like she definately had a hat to accessorize

the woman is human, we all make mistakes, hahaha, and this is kind of um not her best look, but it's not all horrible. yeah just needs some fluffing, haha

I love the outfit no doubt about that..

BUT the hair honestly I'm not to sure if I'm diggin' it! LOL

She could do much much better but who knows maybe she wanted something that looked more causal and normal... for a day.. lol

xOxO Huney

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