Hot or a Hot Mess: Chilli Edition

@the NBAF Midsummer Gala in Atlanta rocking two goddess braids. What do you think?
8 Responses:

I don't like this look. She's been blessed with great beauty but she just doesn't know what to do with it. It's time for her to grow up, in my opinion!

BTW, love the new look!

Chili never fails to look absolutely stunning. Her skin is gorgeous, beautiful hair that she can rock in just about any style & her body is bangin. She's an inspiration for other women her age. She looks like she's in her 20s! And there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. She's not dressing like a skank, not wearing anything she shouldn't wear. She just has a youthful glow about her and i think this look works perfectly for her.

HOT MESS!!! What is she 16...grow up.

Beautiful Girl, but the LOOK is a HOT MESS... Try again Chili... So sorry. Just being honest

I love Chilli! I think that she is absolutely beautiful. I loved it when she colored her hair and I'm glad she keeps it colored. Her skin is flawless and she has this eternal youthful look. However, I need her to loose some things like the "baby-hair" as she is approaching 40. It might be okay to do that sometime depending on the look your shooting for but she's been rockin' it since the beginning. Like I said before, I love Chilli but I do think that she needs to incorporate some more maturity into her stylings. It's okay and good to mix things up a bit.

Speaking of which, I am feelin' your remix!!

What's wrong with it? She's able to use her own hair to rock the style, her weight is appropiate, her skin is awesome, complexion to die for and she looks much younger than she is sooooooo why the hating?

Beautiful as always, people always assume because you are a certain age you have to dress a certain way.

I think she looks fine. Nothing to die for and nothing to snicker at. She is more on the conserative side which is allowed! lol. Would I wear it, no.

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