Hot or a Hot Mess: Keyshia Cole Edition

Another one bites the "shaved head" dust. Are we feeling this?
8 Responses:

I would hope it is stickers of sort but I am not surprised.
Her looking somewhat elegant wasnt going to last long.

I like it. Im guessing she had the stars colored for just that day? I hope so. lol

Originality is a must! No originality here Ms. Cole.

im fed up with it too but im feelin this on her. i'd love to see the style from front view

Im sure the whole look will surface on the net within a day or two. I will post it when it does!

I'm thinking her hair would look good cut close too like Solange:) It's okay I'd have to see the whole look but I am liking the shaved part not 100% concerning the stars.

Honestly, I love the style sans the coloring. I guess they were filled in for the shoot. I'll wait for a few more pix to show up before I judge.

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