How To: Summer Waves

I don't know what's cuter, her voice or her hair. Too funny! Subscribe to ItsMsHeatherNicole
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I love her hair..


She's so adorable, voice and all. She cracks me up!

Too cute! My hair doesn't like GA humidity. It makes me work too hard for a frizzy ponytail. Maybe I'll try this in the fall...

I love her as well. I've been a fan and subscribed to her vids long ago. I even tried this style out and it worked.

It was a lifesaver one humid day in Brooklyn. After my blown out hair tripled in size from sleek to pouffy, I needed to figure out something fast in preparation for some bar hopping later that night. Armed with a few pins I keep in my bag (preparation!), I was able to throw in a few knots while my friends got ready (they're guys so there was no flat iron on hand). When it was time to go I had summer waves!

Okay...I saw this and was's PERFECT for me!!! I am a busy resident who has seen far too many pony tail holders just due to lack of time to put effort into my hair. I've been growing out my relaxer for about 10 months now. This style is easy and takes maybe 5-7 minutes to do. And as long as I have hairpins on me (I do) I can create a nice bouncy hairdo. Especially when my blow out is getting a little dated! I've worn it for past 2 days and felt divalicious! Just through on my stunner shades and I'm easy, breezy!

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