Li'l Kim's Edition: Hot Or A Hot Mess?

Lil Kim @ Lucky Strike last Friday in New York sporting a long curly weave. The verdict is out on this one, so I will let you be the judge?
12 Responses: least it's not blonde!

Hot mess ALWAYS since 1999. *smh*

lol at Chanel and Leslie
I'd have to put this in the HOT A$$ MESS category

beyond hot mess

I'm in agreement with Chanel!!

Hot mess since 1999...sounds like a fine wine...except not.

I like the hair. It is less dramatic and one of the more "natural looking" hair weaves I have seen sported by this Diva. Reminiscing on Lil' Kim's past hair escapades........this is a more "tame-naturale" look for her and gives her a more "natural" feminine appearace. Work it Kim.

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She gets the greenlight
only because she looks like a human opposed to a clay-mold cat that kicked in the face with a boot

and I mean STANK hot!!

The hair idunno...when does kim not wear fake hair
Im over her

Well, it's a naturally-textured weave job and it's definitely a breather from shiny, plastic blond/blue/pink/white/silver hair she's donned in the past.

Put it this way; I like way the hair looks...not so much the person wearing it. I would wear it.

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