Maya New Promo Pics & Gig

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Concreteloop just premiered Mya's new promo pics which are absolutely fabulous. She is set to cast in the new season of Dancing With The Stars along side, natural guru Macy Gray. I am super excited about the new season and the high texture girls representing. Don't we love these pics?
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Beautiful pics!!
Her hair is always gorgeous no matter how she rocks it.

I really like her as an artist. I wish she would have gotten more airplay.

I am not feeling those hairstyles. Sorry.

I love her hair, she has her own style. I am really feeling the wildness.

I'm looking forward to seeing her and Macy on DWTS.

funny... i thought DWTS was for celebs who dont really dance. Mya is a dancer. love her though and she's gonna kill it

I love those straw sized coils randomly in her hair

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