Real Hair Day Sept 8Th

Yes, you read that right, Tyra is dedicating September 8th as "Real Hair Day". So ladies, pull out your tracks and unlace those wigs and don your natural, okay!

Here's what Tyra tweeted:
"Here’s me rockin my REAL hair, had 2 blur it so its still a surprise on Sept 8! Who else is sportin their real hair that day?”

Will you?

5 Responses:

ill pass on that one. we've already seen her lil cornrows before. but ill tune in for da episode that she unveils her "real" nose.

I'm excited! We don't have enough famous ethnic woman that show it's okay not to have pencil straight long hair

I'm a little disappointed that it's only one day. I thought she was going "natural". I should have known better.

I admire Tyra’s success! I just feel like she’s equivalent to Oprah’s nemesis in the sense that she uses her celebrity/power without thinking about the ripple effect of her actions. One day does not a natural make. By branding September 8th as “real hair day”, she’s sending the opposite message than I’m assuming she intended to send. What she [Tyra and her staff] have failed to realize is the bigger picture; people (black females in particular) look up to her and when they see that Tyra has deemed it acceptable to wear our hair in its ‘natural’ state one day out of the year, the perception is that our hair in its natural state should be hidden/fixed – whether it be by relaxers, weaves or wigs. Next thing you know corporate America will be like, “yup, we’re down with you all fro’ing it, but only on September 8th.” I’m not impressed with this latest rating-seeking ploy. Shame on her!

Tyra needs to stop. Why doesn't she just sport natural hair everyday like the rest of us natural haired beauties? That would be a Real achievement. She should talk about going natural not being natural for one day... silly

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