Solo Shows Off Her New Do

I don't have to ask because this is just pure hotness. She makes bald sexy!
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I don't know why people love to hate on Solo. She is just f-i-e-r-c-e! I LOVE THIS.

Btw-the new layout is sick. I meant to tell you that last week. Keep up the good work. I see everyone else changing their blogs in 5-4-3-2...

I think that she looks Gorgeous! All that hair was just in the way honestly. She looks so beautiful. She is seriously giving her sister a run for her money!

as the ladies said...she is gorgeous....u know a woman is gorgeous when all you see is face and hair is NOT the accessory and you can still recognize her it!!

and this is why i love Solange. ppl better recognize. i dont agree with everything but everytime, i love that she does her. ppl need to take note of that. too many clones in the industry. Thanx Solange for inspiring me to keep doin me.

Again...Hair fab outfit not so much

Solange looks waaaaay better with this short do. Being the quirky person that I am, I've been wondering if she parts her hair or has that part cut in.

She looks so beautiful without the weaves, she totally blows Beyonce out the water on the pic below but I still like Beyonce. :-) So i'm not bashing either. Btw, the way Solo is standing there is to cute!! LOL.

YOOOOO, solange hey no words can describe how stunning you look, B need to get on your status, uh oh naturalitty.!

You can actaully see just how beautiful her face really is! The makeup is flawless. The sisters looks absolutely fabulous!

she looks great au naturale

ROFL at the blog commenter...I can so see the changes with other blogs. There are quite a few copycat posters. I can see blog changes coming....SOON!!!

She does look gorgeous. Waaaaaaaay better than those wigs they rock.

Solo effin rocks!!!!!!

**One word - Stunning **

The whole look, esp. the hair and shoes, is stunning!!!! I'm soooooooo glad to see her like this.

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