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As a half Dominican, half Jewish girl, or as I like to say "Jewminican," it's been a struggle for me to embrace my curls my whole life. My Dominican mother has ALWAYS relaxed her hair and started relaxing mine when I was a little girl. My Jewish side of the family always had straight or wavy hair, so they just couldn't relate. Unlike most of the Dominican girls I knew, I wanted to wear my hair curly everyday, but because of the relaxers, my hair was a matted mess. The relaxers were literally killing my locks.

So, I stopped complaining, and two months before my 23rd birthday, I said "ENOUGH!"

When I vowed to never use a relaxer again, I thought I was going to die!!! I looked at my roots and saw my ends, and had to restrain myself from going to the salon and telling them to put on some relaxer. But getting my daily dose of UrbanCurlz has officially saved my world, one curl at a time. Seeing all the pictures you have posted (my faves being those of Teyana Taylor) have helped me and inspired me to be curly, natural and free and rock my Jewminican fro!!

I just want you to know that you have helped my art go from this...

To this:

Laura is a writer, illustrator. and a graduate student at F.I.T. She contributes weekly features and Press Releases for http://www.knoll.com/ and has her own blog, SweetMilke. You can purchase her designs and art here.
Thanks Laura, I ♥ your work. -India
9 Responses:

Congrats on your decision, Laura! I'm happy that you've chosen to free your lovely locks.
Your work is beautiful!

I wish you the best.

wow, i love your art! and what a lovely story :-)

Thank you!! and thank you Urban Curlz!!

Glad you stopped believing in "pelo malo"!!


hooray lowra!!!
even though i see your lovely locks twice a week, im happy you stopped blowfrying your hair and hugged those curls.

curly girls unite!

absoulutely love the illustrations

Your art is amazing. Keep it up. I love your locks, and you're right - the ones in the back are particularly springy and beautiful.

Such beautiful art. Thanks for showcasing it on your blog!

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